Page 12 - Texas811 Magazine 2017 Issue 1
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' ‘ Our onlme tlcket entry Portal
. .
‘O’ ‘S customtzed to fit your needs
The Portal roam M,

Submit locate requests to be processed J

by the center

View the map with markings made by the J

agent in the center

Search your tickets by ticket number

Submit Emergency Requests I

Submit Dlgup Requests

Submit Survey/Design Requests

Submit Updates

Submit No Responses

Submit locate requests with the workslte ¢

marked on the map

Submit locate requests with the worksite

marked on the map to receive an

Instant ticket number

Automatically pull up tickets you've

entered in the last 3| days

Access advanced ticket search from '

January I, 2013 to current

Access to complete ticket history including

updates, update & remark, recalls and

no responses

Access to the tlme-saving Copy feature for

entry of multiple tickets with similar


Ability to cancel tickets you've created -

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