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These needs and ideas from the stakeholders are critical for the .
creation ofastrongenough parmershipformaking c  B f Y D
changes on damage preventionefforts. a 8 ore 0U I
The process of change will involve establishing processes to - - -

marry  .,a.m, ......,..i.r..a,. requirements at A in pel me could be bu rled

even modifications to existing laws and/ or regulations. n e ar yo U

Developing a more effective damage prevention program in '

any location requires that affected stakeholders be required

to have direct contact and at different levels than c1aims—

toclairns. Stakeholder participation in a collaborative

partnership with other stakeholders will be required. . j .

Th 1;  "1 arsbelow.
e process o 8 Ilheforeyoudig.
ergablishing "" ‘
processes to modify , t.. r 3
business behaviors s. *3 \v .
u u , I ’ . w A
requirements and 5 ‘" T" T "“"‘_ _’ ‘
d  - The people of Texas depend on Williams
 I I  I   pipelines to help meet their energy
to    needs. That's why we're depending on
. excavators to call 81 1 before digging
a n    nS_ anywhere in the vicinity of our pipelines.
If you should happen to accidentally

Instead of saying, ”That will never happen,” we are going to I -k - |- -t - - ,1 t Th 1

have to answer the question, "How would 1 get this done, if l S n e a plpe me] ' '3 mm an a _

many wamed .0 do it” you contact us immediately. Even minor
How can you make a difference? If you believe working damage C0U'd result "1 3 MUT9 leak '7
together can make a difference, get involved in creating not promptly re paired

the process that promotes effective damage prevention and

Henry Ford was once quoted to say, "Vl/hether a man thinks C3" 311 Befofe Y0“ DIQ! W5 The Law-
he can or he can't do a thing he is right.” We can allow the  
current frustrations, failures and disappointments to create

insurrnountahle obstacles for us or we can choose to make - -

these same challenges be the cement that binds us all together For more mformauoni Contact us
to accomplish our common goal. you don't really know who‘ at our non-eme|-gency number;
you are or what you can accomplish until you understand this

vital point about the power of positive thinking. 1 _   L L |  S

We trust that we are able to convey to you just how vitally

important you are to the efforts to keep Texas a safer place to

live and work, and for one very good reason. . .you are! '

. .42

Roger IS the President ufACTS Now Inc. and IS the publisher L412

of811Magnzl'ries. He can be reached for comment at mger@ M‘meWammmDmS M mgmmmd

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