Page 18 - Texas811 Magazine 2017 Issue 1
P. 18

Be aware of pipeline markers in your
neighborhood and at yourworksite

For your satety, pipelines are niarked High consequence Areas
by above ground signs to provide

an indication of their pregame In accordance with federal regulations,
approximate location, material carried some areas near Pipelines have been
and the name and contact intormation designated as High Consequence

of the company that operates the Areas. For these areas supplemental
pipeline. Markers may be anywhere hazard assessment and Prevention
along the n'ght—of—way (a strip of land programs known as Integrity

usually about 25 to 150 feet wide that Management Programs have been
contains a pipeline) or directly over developed If a Pipeline operator has
the pipeline itselt. These markers are High Consequence Areas information
generally yellow, black and red in color. about these Plans may be available
The pipeline may not follow a straight through their eornPanY’s Website or
course between markets. while markers by contacting the operator's Corporate
are helpful in locating pipelines, they offices.
:3;rggovrfeefifggjlaggjargfiie There is a wide range of products

d [h f l>}"PlP Th . fu . traveling through the thousands of

*1’ ° “' mes.‘ e.P'"‘.‘“'Y ““‘°“ miles of pipelines, everything from gas
of these mfarhkee_ is {o ‘dent-iv 3-e for your car to oxygen for hospitals.
osatron o t e we re genera V as an Many of these products can be highly

31*" ‘° ‘M59 Wh° ‘“‘8h‘ be ‘”°'k“‘8 tlammable, harmiul if inhaled, cause
“1‘.".‘3 ‘he P‘P?““e ‘°'“d°' ‘°'. 3“°‘}‘e’ eye or skin irritation or possibly cause
utility or dunng the Construction of diffimlw b‘_eathing_ some of the
h°“‘“ °’ '’“5‘’‘“?“ ‘.‘“"’V' Y°“ S.*‘°“1d materials could cause environmental
be “Wm °‘ “Y P‘P"1‘“‘~‘ ‘““'ke“ “‘ damage. Because of these potential
Y°“’ “ei8”"”*‘°°'1- As ‘he 5“Y‘“% hazards it is important for our

3°95’ "K“°‘” Y°“’ “’*‘3h"°’5”' Wm neighbors to be able to recognize a
down the name and phone numbers pipeline leak

appearing on the pipeline markers in '

case ot emergency.

Pipeline markers are important tor

the safety ot the general public. it is a

tederal crime tor any person to willtully

detace, damage, remove or destroy any

pipeline signs or right—of—way marker.

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