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Tips for Troubleshooting Problem Locates
hroughout my locating years, For example: In ideal conditions, you - consider Detection Mode setting
it’s been my opinion, and I would choose a low range irequency *Peak Null, Directional, single
think other locators would applied by direct connection to an Peak
agree, that in ideal conditions above ground access point to the _ . 1 th 1 1 d d
the task oi line locating is pretty cut underground line. we consider this 5'3"“ “'e“3 .9“ 3‘ ‘°P 9“
. . . . center TDC oi signal

and dry. You apply signaling current target shooting the underground line.

to a buried target line which creates a Higher range iiequency settings are . directional indication oi TDC, Leit /
signal field which is broadcast out irom great ior solving problems when ideal Right Arrows or Directional Needle
your targeted line. once a good signal conditions do not exist. However, . . . . .

field is created, finding the signal field higher irequencies may create problems ' *“S““"‘Y’3“‘“ 5°‘““3

and tracing the iield becomes easier by bleed oii to other lines in the area, . eignni niitient ievei

and easier with practice. Technically, we creating multiple signals which coniuse _ _ _ _ _

locate the top dead center oi the circular both equipment readings and user. so ' °"e“td“°“ '“d“’=‘“°“

field, which should be located directly high irequencies can be viewed as a Tanget Line Characteristics
above the buried target line. iorm oi target shooting with a shot gun. g g

. . . li you're not careiul you may hit more ' We of target hne

But ii you are responsible ior line than one at at with our blast _ _ _

locating and have encountered problem g Y ‘ ' ° Conductivity of target hne

locates, you are not alone. Locating Gather information uthmld & reason , elmmal Continuity of locamble
problems are created by site conditions Gather mmmafion from Transmitter dmnt

that 3“ “°‘ ideal‘ Thfl“ 3 ‘e“‘“’°“ Receiver site conditions and is stem -

every locate rodeo competition I’ve Ma in’ The gem G And read)?“ 5 ° depth of the target hne

been to had a special challenge called ava1i’l1;bl§'m 0;‘ b in mmmmgr _ We Mbatkfin around the line
"The L°‘“‘° “°‘“ Hell", and receiverywill depend on the brand 5. C d. .

solving line locating problems requires and model oi locating instniment you “E ‘m ‘mms

reasoning to determine the cause of the have available. 0 location of visible signs of utilities
11::::}:$ d Gather itlfarmutianfmm rmrmrs at - soil conditions

. ' . ’ . . ‘ hand: . .

brain. The first step to solving a line 0 ocation of access point

locating problem would be to step back Transmitter _ location of [em mar round flake
and think about it. start gathering all . P Y g ’
the iniormation known to you at this ‘ ‘’“‘P“‘ ‘“‘‘9“‘ ‘“d‘“S . presence oi other buried lines in
point. - applied power level/volts the area

A good understanding of the theory of - circuit/loop resistance/ohms - visible common bonding with
how locating equipment works and the , other lines

limitations oi the technology is critical ‘ “e‘1“9“‘Y -“*‘““E . . .

ior solving line locating problems. . inttnnd nt Sign/at application ' ‘°P‘“"de “‘e"”‘"“ °"1“““’

The more you understand about system Mapping

how locating equipment works, the ‘ Plaeement of ground Stake t ,

greater your mamas of “mess when Receiver - General area oi line normally not
troubleshooting. This iniormation is draw“ ‘O “'31?

needed to help determine the Possible ' N“? ‘he “““‘be‘ 3"“ 1°.““°“.°‘ - oii set measurements to line irom a
Conditions that exist which may be all signals detected on site while known point

creating the problem at hand. performing 3 Signal SWee1> and

search oi the site. - Number oi lines in the area
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