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- Physical make—up ot the line sharing common bond with other lines adjustments and trying again to see it
. . . in the area and any topside metallic your problem is solved.
' P“”“““‘Y °f ‘l’1‘°“' ‘*5 °‘ ‘““"‘“’ objects These site tactors may intertere
depending on system. with the Strength and/or Shape of your Efiubleshootingflpéoblem loliatest k
- Location of top side access point(s) locatable signal field on your target 9 9‘ P“ “"9" ‘ 5° “““ 3 S.“ e’
. . a best guess mark on the ground is
to underground target line line. . .
unacceptable, especially in congested
Reason - Consider the size and type of line utility corridors. Line locators who
_ , , you are trying to find, including the paint a big question mark on the

U“ Y°_“’ d9§“‘“V9 ““d ‘“d“““’e construction characteristic, type of line ground or paint the words "hand dig
'“5°“‘“B ‘k‘“‘- and depth of line and it the target line only” on the ground are not helping

. Keep in mind that mere might be is physically attached to another line at anyone. These types of declaration
Sevemj different causes go, the pmbjem a common point. marks contuse excavators and also
you me expefiendng and Several cause them to lose faith in the entire
possible solutions tor each possible eéillhefoie Y0“ dig l>i0eeSS- lf Y0“ have
cause. Take action by using the process a duff’-cu1t1o_cate at hand, you Should
ot elimination, beginning with the most own in Notify ihe exeéii/éitoi Otfhe g
logical corrective action or adjustment iindeteetable line or difficult sinianon
to overcome the most logical cause of and gei them involved and ask if they
the problem. Atter taking corrective eéin help Solve the Piiule Déiinese
actions you should compare results Pievennon is 3 Shared l95P°l'l5lbl1ll}'
to See if you fixed the P,-ob1em_ Donit and often takes teamwork. Be a good
overthink it! start with the simple damage Pl9V9l'“l°l'l Peitnei and ask for
checks and equipment adjustments and help When You need it- 5

go trom there, eliminating one possible _
muse at 3 mm mm 3 So1monMo_nd_ T k A F Boll iviglistuaiigor I5 Hui PVL’5Il71'lh‘ mid LEO»

3 9 C 1°“ afutilizy Trmiiiiig /lc/ld1'Nl_1/.3011?!/ls gonzo

0 Consider eite conditions such Sm“ with the most likely muse and _l/L’/Z75 o/erptvrimctv in N11’ fmld ofutimy Ioc/lt—
as conductivity ot your line and proceed from mm “mg the prom“ H1(\'{lHL‘[ dmll/lg1' pr1'I!l'lli‘IDr1.Forzlllfsllorls
the conductivity of the soil, visual of elimination Don,‘ overlook the or rommmls, Bob K‘/Z71 bu rtnclir-d /2.‘ hab@
indications or clues of other buried Obvious Take mm“ by making iitrstnrchconi.

lines in the area that may or may notbe '

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\ G R O U P
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