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from the desk of
M - ke Losawyer
oodbye 2016 and hello 2017!
while we had a great 2015, this year is going to be
I. epic!
" At Texas811, we care. We care about our members. we
care about the excavation community. We care about our
_ employees. We care about quality. we care about service. We
- care about damage prevention.

' We care about public safety. As a non—profit organization,
we are obligated to serve the public’s interest. The public
means all people. At Te><as811, we are responsible for serving
everyone, which is why we are committed to ensuring all
know what's below. We want to protect your assets, your
employees, your communities, your families.

The Te><as811 Damage Prevention Summit was created
because we care about our members getting access to the
newest trends. And we care about excavators and locators

learning about the best products and being up—tr»date on what’s going on in the world of
damage prevention. Join us February 27th through March 1st for the 2017 Te><as811 Damage
Prevention Summit in San Marcos, TX. There will be a golf tournament, breakout sessions, a
casino night, an exhibit hall, training workshops and many giveaways and prizes. For more
information please visit www.texrl5811flamngeprezventzallsmrzmitcam.

We care about giving back. On April 21st, Texas811 will host our 20th Annual Charity Golf
Tournament in Dallas, TX. Last year we were able to donate $20,000 to a local charity. We want
to continue to be of service to those who are in need. Visit for more
information or to register as a player or sponsor.

We care about giving our members the quality and accuracy they deserve. we are thrilled to
have reached a milestone in membership growth last year. In september 2015, we reached the
160(¥member mark and are proud to announce that we ended the year with 1625+ members.
We care about spreading the damage prevention and 311 messages to all Texans, in English and
spanish. we have a team of bilingual staff available 24/7. I.n september 2015, we surpassed

our goal of a 25% increase in notifications in Spanish and have a lot of new ideas for continued
growth in 2017.

We care about your time. In 2017, expect to see new additions to The Portal. There are already
many features available to expedite your one call experience and we want to continue to develop
and implement additional features that will make The Portal even more efficient.

Until next time, thank you for trusting us for your damage prevention needs in Texas.

Mike Losuwger
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2017, lssuel Texasfill - 1

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