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B o A R D WA L K
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Boardwalk Pipeline Partners '7,  ‘ ,/is ‘ -
is committed to operating    ~. ~"
. _. , 
pipeline assets in a safe,
reliable and compliant
manner and providing ‘
the highest level of
customer service.
/, ,
 Texas811 members...
TEXAS GAS _ nterested in saving
 ®GUlF ckosglgg ?
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""—“'m"‘—o“"‘  IN SAVING

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iIiih'in7IEifilE     BI G M 0 N EY?

o hris Stovall, Texas811 Executive Vice
President/Coo said, ”This is really pretty
incredible stuff and the savings have been
B‘ Illuminati": below. astounding for the members who have
‘ Callbdmvomlw been testing the service with us!”
So tell us, what is this? Chris laughed and said,
"Let me try to describe it tor you. All one call
software is designed to determine conflicts with
proposed excavation and known underground
facilities. The sottvvare does its job by comparing
proposed excavation sites to existing underground
facilities location. Land—based maps and member
data base maps are layered, then compared and
buffer zones are created and accepted by members
in part because of technology limitations. In other
words, everyone wants to err on the safe side.
As I said earlier, all one call software does this,
Progressive Partnerings GeoCall, the software we
use is one of the very best at it. However, even the
best quality tickets will have some instances when
a locator will go to the proposed site and mark ”no
conflict.” So what it theie was a way for us to look
4 ‘ Texassll 2017, lssuel

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