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more closely at that one ticket for a member so as to

prevent a locator from having to drive to the site?"

can you explain how it works so I can understand it?

He said, "Think about it this way. we've developed

software internally and put it in the hands of highly ’ I
trained research analysts, so that it a member wants us

to help determine it a locator should respond to a ticket,

we can. we provide this service based on additional W E D D T H   
data including the business niles and practices ot the ' '
company, and to—date, we've been very successtul at it."

How is that a big deal? "Good question," Chris said. CDHIIJIEIE llmeram manasemenl and tumksv Sullmflni

”If your cost to locate is $10 — $30 per locate and you can ll’s what we do in the Wll‘ElE5S selzlul‘. Eul there's more

save 20, 100 or 1000 trips a month, it is a big deal." NJ US’ UL“. famfly Dy mmpames pmvidesz

Do you have any members using this now? ”Yes we do ' Telemm E12 Em: & Gas Emmumun

and the list is growing," he said. "Vernon, now Frontier l

communications was our nrst test and the savings for ' Wireless N=‘Wm'k & TUWEF Cunsfiufifiuu

them on an annual basis is around $750,000. Since then - Professional Services & Site Development

we've added AT&T and now other member utilities are , HA5 suhmm Dig“ & Imegmflun

coming on board. And let me say that in every case, the U d d mm L ,

savings are amazing." ' “ E‘'9"'““ “7 ”"3““9

When vnu work with us, vnll knuw Vuu’ve hired
‘V70 p1.0vid(‘  S(‘1_Vi(_(‘ lhe rlghl people, nu matter what the ]ul1
bilsoil on :l(l(l1t101l:ll (lit til we've Gin 11135:
111cl11(l111g tho l)11S1Il(‘SS
111l(‘S and 1)1'2l(‘t1(‘(‘S 01 tho
colllpillly, and to— (121 to, we V(‘  i E
l)(‘(‘1l vory S11(‘(‘(‘SSl11l at 1t. "I?

. .. . *5 4» t-
Ok, 1f this 15 so amazing, why hm/en’t the rest ofus - 1 g ._\.
heard about it yet? ”Another really good question," he - , $5 ' ‘tun '
said with a smile. "I guess the best answer is we've spent ' '* 4.; 3., ' -
all of our time trom an operational and technological ‘ Q,“ g '
perspective trying to ensure that it worked rather than ' ' . . 
trying to come up with a name tor it." He continued, P  gm '

”If we were in the marketing business, we would - . . V
have focused on a gliuy name iirst. But Te><as811 has ‘E  ,.'
been, is and always will be about damage prevention. ' ' .

Consequently, when some of our members asked why . I '

couldn't we do something like this tor them, we thought ,9 ‘

we should at least look into it, especially since we pride

ourselves in listening and responding to our members.

Atter determining that it was not only possible, but

could be done to meet our internal quality standards, we

developed it in—house, tested it in—house, then went to

see who would try it first. Verizon was very interested

and came on board. we have a growing list of members 3 & N

who have already signed up and I'm coniident that

others will take advantage of the service this year. we'll

name it later."

nearly in gel started?

How can I learn mum about the service? chris said, ”If Hall "5 3‘ 8UU_'/VS"7_Ba42‘

you're a member of Texas811, you already know how to SNEUMM CUM

get in touch with us. Contact us and ask to lear-n more

about this special or advanced service you've heard


lt you're not a member ot Texas811, ask how to become

a memberbecause you would like to take advantage of

this new member driven service." E};

:'»:'..:.“i':''''‘''  .L="l* ml 0 

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