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Jose Ortega, Texas811’s Newest Damage Prevention Manager
thas been said that it ynn are so Iose recently moved to the Abilene a question, I’m going to jump on it. l’ll
etlthualastlfr >’°“’1l have many aiea from Dallas to better cover his move whatever l’ve got to move to get
lnterestrng 0l>l>0rtnnrtles present area. when asked what he missed most an answer. People wouldn't be asking
themselves to you Meet lose in Dallas and what he missed least, he questions unless the question was

Ortegal responded quickly: ‘Both are easy to important to them. If it’s important to
Oh’ “,5 not that Jose is new to Texasgu answer. I miss my félmll)/’/l}’\€ most and them, it’s important to me.

He started hrs eareer with the enml>an>' ‘he ms" ‘”‘&‘“ ‘he 1”“ He continued, ‘Some questions that

in 2010, enmlng tn wnrk as most do He are asked, I don't know the answers to,
started at an entry level pnsltlon taking butt11at's ok. I've only been out here
eallsr nr pmeesslng tlekets as snme . since July, so I still have a lot to learn.
say- Before long, lose had moved to a ‘ They don't know it, but when they ask
supervisor's position and worked with me something 1 don't know, they are

a team of Damage Preventlnn Agents  i really helping me out a lot. Because

to ensure that all calls were prioritized. gnnnef or may, Someone 9159 W511 ask
He was then given the 0l>Pnrtnnlt>' tn 4. . 1‘ ' the same question and P11 be ready to
move into quality management and ’ ' r ‘ ' ’ }.a1p [hemp

worked there until July zolo when , _

another new opporninity was unveiled. i,\ ‘ , ,4’ ,- ‘4Llelatia’r_‘e9s°nnt1ehnetathjnmgfiitegigsrea

9 ‘, . . ’ 1 W. . . ,

Jose was asked if he would consider . . ’ , flpeople W)“. to know things igka haw
heenming a Damage Preventinn - long a ticket is good tor, how to handle
Manager Over the largest territory in . ,, h a no response and many iolks still don't
Texas. New ior someone who had spent 1°“ ?“‘d' 13"“. “"““.de““ 9‘ "V understand what a nnn—mmpliant

his 811 career connned within tour P‘"‘°“‘ eXP“‘e“‘9 "‘ the °°‘}‘3°‘ ticket iey

walls, this was a monumental leap. He Cent?’ has P‘ePa‘ed me ‘ff th“ _ , , , ,

Said yes He was asked, ,.Dm,, you particular role. Alaout sow, of my time while lose is new to the held in his role,
want some “me to dunk about mu He is spent responding to phone calls or one thing is easy to see; He will be very
Said’ amps gay, They than said’ Wm emails trom members and contractors successhil because he understands that
do know that you," have ,0 move    he succeeds as he helps others succeed.
somewhere in west Texas-" He said, ' ’ ’ ’ ' con ratulations osel Lead the wa v .
“Where dO1Sign:7// lt is very personal. It someone asks me 3 I l Em

APRIL 21 2017 ‘v -
_ I , .
« 3500 Bear Creek Ct Dallas, Tx 75261
g 8am shotgun Lunch to follow »  a
Single player-$100, 4 man team-$380

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