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from the desk of
uwdy Folk.-l
- If you m|s~'l:d Lhe 2017 T2xas81l Damage
- Prevenrlon summit, here's a recap for youl
In 2016, Texn.s'B11 processed nearly three milllon inbound

_ rlekela and sent more than 15 milliun mllbnund uekels.

’ _ we began pmductlon volume on Cuslomlzed soluuons,
our tzchnnloglcally enlaaneed applleanons Lhat allow u~
lo pxovlde eael. ulllity member speerallzed semee. to fit
t1'1L‘|I speeme needs. Texassn also hosled tlm lnlemauonal
Locale Rodeo for Lhc fixsl ume, which was a huge sneeess.
ln our fink quarter magazme, l told you aboul all of llae
reasons we care alTcxas811.Ial~uioEu~'n:d on that same
subleel malrer all lhl~ year's Summlt.

Slralcglt plannmg ls In full ioree. we have been lzlklng
a lrarol look at our mlsslon ~tr1lcmcnt, our goals, when

we dunk Lhe lnoluslry wlll be m five years and w1\u/ what we want to be In l’-we years Aller
glvlng It much thought, and Wu}: the help of our board, we am worklng Io mflnc our ban:
m|s~lOn lntu two words; WE CARE.

we eare about damage prevenuon and ~afu digglng fut all ~tr1kcholdcxs. we care about
pm\'ldlng cxcavzlloxs wllh speedy and accurate mrvltc. we tam about pxovldlng our utlllty
members with all of «he semee. tlmy need to meet Lhelr goals and allowmg them to euslonuze
wlnelr mrvltes Ihcy reeewe.

we eare about our members, all 1656 of youl we know that each of you l~ umque, wnl.
dlffcmm pnor-mes and dlffcrcnl needs from other unlmes. [I us our pledge fax 2017 and
beyond, to pzuvlde tlm oneeall and damage prcvcntlon ~2rvlu:~' that are mos: rmponanl to

we eare about reduelng your damage. by cxpandlng llae unlvL‘r~n of 811 u~er~'

W2’m llslenmg to you, our members, and respondmg.

Ii than is ever anyrlung you need that Is no: belng sausr-led, you can always Contact me
dlreclly at vlllk('Iu5mllytl'¢Uf('Xlz5X11 mg or Chns slovall, our EVI’/COO at 4'hri55fuvaIl(WI('Xas811
mg when I say we tam r1lTcx.1~B11, l mean ul

With Texr1~B11 your damage prevennon expenenee rs bclng and wlll eonnnue to be
cuslomlzcd to in your speellie ncnd~ That ls our goal lor 2017 and beyondl we lnvltc all of
you to ,orn us on dos yollxnny.

Mike Losawgar
I’r(31llL’lZ( rm, 11
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