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The Next Generation of BOARDWALK
Damage Preventionm
Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
he Next Generation of Damage Preventioiiw is is committed to operating
here, and Texas8l1 has been exploring it for the _ _ _
lwoupleoryears pipeline assets in a safe,
From the traditional one-size fits all solutions of s .

must one-call and damage preventii1nTexas811 relia ble and compl Iant

is nuw offering to customize its services to meet the d .

specific needs of individual utility companies. This is a man ner an PFOVI I ng
tundamental shirt train the incremental improvements .

of Lhepast decade. the highest level of
customized solutions from Texas811 combine st2ile-ui- '

theot-art software created at TexasSl1 with a paradigm customer serV'ce'

shift that looks at un2<call and damage prevention

 from an entirely new perspective These /3 3 0A R own L K
services allow Texas811 to become true partners in

damage prevention with our utility members GULF SOUTH“

customized solutions are available a la cane; you can  ‘”"

even select individual codes to participate. LOUISIANA MIDSTREAM, LI.C
Custumlzed solutions include: ‘ TEXAS GAS  
scsaiiaiiuy Research ,7 v-w-u--ow» use © ,,
Advancements inmapping technology Texasslrs , ‘ , g°AggwA|_|(
proprietary software and specially trained Damage — ; .4 tl_it..,_.,

Prevention Analysts allow us to zoom in on a utility's  _

lines so precisely that we can mark a worksite "No ‘-

Confllct” if the utility lines are in the alley and the work PEmocNEIIcAi.lVEuIIE,Lm

is taking place in the front of the property. Clearing

these tickets at the contact center can result in significant

savings on deferred locating expenses.

update Filteriiig ',

For companies that subscribe to Update Filtering

Texas811 captures when an excavator says they are 

requesting an update to extend the life of a ticket. but

they do not need the lines to be remarked. This gives

the member the option of not going back to the worksite ;

when the excavator says the lines are still visible and

saving the associated locating expenses. The center

sends excavators an email for all nut-ifieatiuns cleared

through Update Filtering.

premium Pnsitivz Rcspmisc

Premium Positive Response allows utility members to

communicate the status of a ticket immediately with an

excavator. An email will be sent tu excavators on behalf

of utility members to communicate the slams of the

locale marking, such as "Clear” ur "Confli:t.” ‘

Contact Member Relations at mamb:rrzIm‘iaiis@Icxns811.

mg to learn how TexasB11 customized solutions can

benefit your company. .

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