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or I Paul For That Lzalnltty Insurance‘ Why Duln’t It Pay My Clmm?
Jackson, MS
ll llablllty pohne. are nol lhe lzlanlrel waryer ol snlarogallon, Elrmknl Lct'o a..—urne you don'l lmvn lhal xcu
.anne. Absolutely, dcfinllcly, Adrhlronal Insured, lhe hat goe.— on cxclllslun — you're all goorl, nghlz
puamvcly nol. I’ol|clc~ are And On And, by lhe way, lherea a [M Wu H" En, Cm a mm? Wm the
gelllng mun: apnclfit wrlh eharge lor eaeh llcm added And, by m “rim mm? D mm“ V, U .0 ,6
each year lhal pa..~es. Pnee ahopplng lhe way, KhL‘m's my personal layonle Y“ b _ ‘H Y 3 d 3 ' 3 *'
{mm agenl lo agenl la nol |n your lae.l — "(ht eompany won’! add a Blanknl 3°“ “N “C” 3 5°“ “’ 3“
Intnmal anymore. Buymg an lo.-uranee Walvu. " well, now whal? Ii ynu lalled lo call 311 in eornpllanee
ohey u.-l to gel lhe lnd H golng V _ ‘ wllh our slak law, and on ha: a lane
F3 blovgl up In your laee ll |hL‘xL"s a “W P°“‘3' 3°“ ”‘°“g1“ M" °h““P" and gt! billed in: lhe da1::|ages(n|her
,u.l heeame much rnore erpen.n~e
elaun your baxgzuw Illan blown up!)
polley wan’! pay lor. — it will probably
You really need an ; .4 have In eorne oul ui
agenl who ha. a lol . " your poelrel. Mo.l
ol Eu~IomL‘r~ lhal do “ slale. now have
prelly rnueh whal you r , g , laws mqulnng lhal
do Asking a mend , ,3 you eall anrl gel a
or two |n your hne ‘- r A,  ’ tlckct. If you are
of work 40! even a  ' . -.v :3 ' In vlolr1l|Dn ol lhe
compL‘lm:r—who Lhclr  . . , - ""< — law, your .n.uranee
agenl h nughl help ‘ , \ eornpany wlll vmw
you avold leanung , llu. a. ~erpeeled
lhe hard way why an ' or mlcndcd," and
L‘x:a\‘r1lox'a pohey haa - , nope, lhey wan’!
dlffemnl language V L ‘ _ pay. cornpanre. are
lhan a ear dnalcflo : gcmng mum and
pohey. l|’~ all about more aenallye lo
lhe eoyerage. 7 what _ V thnv: laws‘ a~ lhey gel
H eoyererl and what's , ’ ’ pul on lhe books, .o
ereluded (nol eoyererll. don't be auxpniud
Companlcs lhal wnle “ 3""" ““““"°’ 1”‘
a whole new set of
a luloftliuw ln lhe mum M W on
bulldmg lrade. have apccml ltums when you gel lhrough paymg lor thew: h d‘_ H “ ’ * 3
wnllen rnlo lheu pohelea lhal apply lo addluonal eoyerage. fur lhal one lob “ ‘C “L
whal you are domg 7 nol lhe llower llkc It all year lhal ...- gorng lo requue Dld you eall, but dlg helore lhe
aliup or ear dealer down lhe street You lhem. (No, you can’! mmovc lhern laler, mqulmd lune wr1~ up? Nope —lhcy
are nol paymg erlra lor lhe.e eoyerage. ellher, anrl gel a refund. And no, you wun’l pay. sarne mason. Thal wallrng
llkn you would ll you had a run of lhe d|dn’l pnee lor lhern, utllcx, dld you’) penorl Ls lor all ol lhe ullhue. lo he
mlll pohey lhal you had lo enrlone E i h‘ 1 h _ Y alale lo mark Lhclr hne. where you hzlvc
(add) (11091: lluma onlo. The prenuurn “" °““ " ' ‘ "“"“ ‘““°“ ' ‘"5’ 3”“ lnrllealed lhal you wlllhe dlgglng so,
hl be h! her Uln In but ou won't “"‘“‘ ‘° b“ “"“"“‘“'3' °“'“‘“ “ “"' l d d ' ll v h x k
mlg g g g , y . lVUI.Ill’I(E\0V\lL|'l1Ul‘l’|E(Cl‘l’|flY
eonlarned ln your pohey ls lhe rlreaderl —
.aye anyllung wllh lhe low pneerl XCU E I _ B‘ U d d lheu hnea and you Im lhem 7 gel your
rnodel. ’ ‘P °”"”‘ “ “g‘°““ eheelrhoole (If you dlg where lhey are
Collapse That means, baalcally, no _ _ —d
when you gel a ,ola [mm a rnayor eoyerage fur excavation ll undergrounrl “”°‘"“‘d “’ ‘ml "“‘ ”“ "‘’‘ "‘““‘“ Y“
— [lhe operalrye word] you ean .ee where
eon.-lruelron company, lhey wlll hne. are damagerl. ll you are dolng I l (b ,, I d ,, ,‘ Y 7)
mqulrc a Ccrllficalc ol lnaurantc wnll L‘xtava|Iun, you're nol eoyererl ll lhl~ ‘ "“8 ‘ “ “P” ° ' ‘“" 3°“
eerlarn .-peeuae language, and you wlll Erelu.-lon r. pmaent. (And ll your ll you do what you’IL‘ mqulrcd lo do,
nol laegrn work Imtll lhey gel II who pohey ls wnllen lhrough El cheapo anrl IF you have a pohey deagnerl fur
apcmflc language 15 what you may company Inc, |{ null dehnrlely be In whal you do, you wlll he eoyererl. A
have lo arld lo your El cheapo pohey lherel) vw laeelle null never, ever lurn Into a
carhllae al lhe lune of an aendenl. .
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