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Declslon Makmg

as. yearl wmtc an arllele Mlmmum runway lenglh .s longer but laeeause sorne Lhmg~‘ (t.1knoff~ for

about airplanes and p.pel.nes for wet n.nways laeeause .. harder erarnple) happen onen does NOT mean au.omoh.les, lrueks and lo ~tnp an a.rplane o.. a we. runway they sho..ld he laken fox granled. Yes

lnnns, a.rplanes and p.pel.nes runway lenglh .s also longer 99.9% of all lakeorcs are more or less
are essennal la soe.ery as we know for redueerl pnwer lakeuns heeause u normal 7 ins. the oyerwhel.n...g
it .n lhe unuerl States All demand lakes longer to reaeh flylng speed .r malunty cf ereayanuns when a one eall
respee. Th.s moxmng, lwas reading an less power .s used. The co-pilot was ueke. has benn eallerl .n, underground
aruele about avlatlon elee.s.on making sphlnng hairs laelween "damp" anel uIIlml:~ have been properly marked,
wnllen by a reured pilot w.ll. "wet." H.s eharls only appl.ed lo and good exeayannn praehees applied
over zsmu hours in the a.r. H.s name "wet" runways Sduff s.mply asked But .r somelhlng harl happens, .here
.s Barry Sduff and he has authored lhe quesnon; "What would you say most l.kely w.ll be an .nyesl.gallon and
ovez 1,300 ay.aunn arneles (ln ease lmgatlon.
f“ §" _‘“‘“f”““"d[ M": ::‘f“}“‘§"}"‘7_ Do you wan. to he lhe one Lha| has la

°'“,‘ ““ “ P‘ " “" ‘“—" “ " “ ‘“ » e A cxplmn lhe dlffemncn helween "damp"
pilot s heense when l was very young. I  I, . I, and “WSW
one ofmydad'afr1vont2 say.ngs was, '3 I i’? *
"Thmk before you do sorneLh.ngl" lam ~ * By lhe way, l have a pnrfecl reeorel as
almu~t pusuive Lha. he was not 5 £1 a pllnl Every urne lhaye laken off,
about p.pel.nes or anplaneslaul l a... V. m a {:1 lhaye lanrledzl AND lhaye walked that u was, and .s, exeellenl V ’ " V away AND the a.rplane was no. ll to lust about every , ’ damaged. Even though I have laneled
human ael.y.ry anrl really hus home ,7? V 0 I H lhnusands of lunes, l assure you that l
wn}. respen lo Ihl: avlatlon elee.s.on , ‘ "‘ pay luls of auenhon Io safely.
.nak.n Sduff deser.l.ed. An wa , .n .
 HOW gafe 5'32:2:3:;::::.>'f:.:‘:.::;"::;i"
co- do. were .n lo lake off .n a BIG 7 ’ ‘ ’ ‘
a.rl'.’ner. ln lhe "old days" blg a.rl.ners ”   fr‘) b°‘°‘“- “E SAFE 0'" THERE“ I
alwaysiulltatakcoff. [333 35a 53
That was tlmn Now, redueerl power -" T Iol... mm from PHMSA and .5 rurmllly
ean, uneler eer.a.n e.reu.ns.anees, he Prrsldmll o/l>lpel....» S_|/slmu Cam;lh—
useel to save ruel, reduee and ~avc aaee rmd opem:.o..a snmees far G2 Pl1rl—
wear anrl lear on erpenswe ye. eng.nes ans, LLC. Emmi /al... [lzcnbl(r0g2—:s.mlu
There are erlrernely rle.a.led eharls at the llzaung?" Whathcaring? The
that arldress the proper eund.l.ons for Nanonal Transporlanon Saicty Board
lake oils in aizlinezs. l-ower selhngs, heanng that w.ll oeeur er somelhmg
conlml semng, nkeaa weight, wind happens an we damagc the arrplane BEBE
speed, w.nd dueehon, gusls, runway or somebody gees hurl 
mama nea...o.,uo.ay., a manna
A e.-.l.eal safety eo..s.derauon for you enuld slup yusl as quickly ur. a {:3 = 1 9 5 A 3 1 s 5 2
takeoff .s whelher lhere .s enough runway as en a dry runway?" 3. 3 , ‘ 6 A 2 3 9 5 3 1
runway left to abort the takeoff .r where .s the herween ’’damp’' and 3 3
saneurnggoeswnng. Iinol,an "wet"ozbctwecn”dr1mp” and ’’dry’’? g 9 EHIIH
a.rl.ner cannot Iakt: off. wha. might gr. Hunk WE made mv Palm HOW We 3 9 _i 2 it A L
wrong and when also raelors Into lhe _ — _ g 1 7 9 3 2
. ,_ .s sale? The ~hurl answer —
equauon. sehm s‘ was worneel If mmhmg lmppm 7 N NOT SAFE ulna
heeause the runway was darnp. ENOUGH”
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