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Publisher's Perspective
he Texas-sll magazine rer1dIL>~ more damage preventron proressronals rn Texas than any
other suelr publreatron. Thrs rnagazrne was ereated out or Tcxr1~B11'~' desrre to have a
more effective outreach to its users and members

we appreerate the tee-dbaek we've reeerved over the past erght years from our readers. You
have helped us toeus on what you pereerved as rnrportant topres and we've tr-red to chase
those stones and rdeas down to share thern wrth other lrkeernrnded folks suelr as yourself
There are a eouple of surveys rn thrs rssue and we hope you'll take the tune to share your
ideas with us. lt rs the publrslrer's eonvretron that what you thrnk rs more rrnportant than what
we thrnk we know.

we know horn the feedback we've reeerved rn the past that you appreerate artreles outlrnrng
new produets and servrees provided by Texassn we also know you want to read more about
real people rn Texas who, lrke you, are hustrated by the stanrs quo You are lookrng for ways
to work together to rnake your robs easrer

what we are lookrng for are some tolks who have a good story to tell and who are wrllrng

to tell at. Contact us and let us know what that story rs so we can share rt with the more than
33,000 reerprents of the Texasall nragazrne

A trp of the hat to all of you who eontrnue burld rt, bury it, loeate rt, fix rt and keep rt gorng
The entrre state of Texas owes you brg trnrel we, for the rnost part, take for granted all that you
do every day and don't show you the respeet you've earned.

crve us a chance to tell your story.. it's the least we can do’

Texasall Magazrne Publrsher


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