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Are Y0|II' IIIIIIS Illl-I0-Ilfllll?
Updating your servlce areas is just as Important as registering your lines with Texas811.
Whether new lines are being installed, assets are being bought or lines are becoming inactive
having an accurate database is vital to damage prevention and protecting your underground
infrastructure. At Texas811, we believe In providing our members with options that best fit
their needs.
Members may update their database any of the following ways:
Shapefile: Geographic features In a G°°ElE Em“ (~km2l-km‘): A KMZIKML
1 shavefle can be mpresemed by points file is a file that stores map locations viewable
lines, or polygons (areas). All extensions 1" 5°08‘? 5373“: 3 8|°b3| MEPPIHS P|’°Sl'3m-
associated with the shapelile must be E"3'’'E5 "595 ‘O "9?" ¢"5‘°"| "HIPS 7°’ _
sub,-"med (‘Shh _5h,(, _dhf’ 4"’, _5h,.’ ‘Si-,x)_ personal use or sharing. Users can add points,
lines, and shapes on top of Google Maps
(requires download of Google Earth).
Goagle My Maps: Enables users to LatILong Coordinates: Coordinates are
3create custom maps for personal use Preferred In a Decimal Degrees format.
or sharing. Users can add points, lines, If coordinates are to be connected, they must
and shapes on top of Googie Maps be in the correct order and contain points
(requires user to have a Google Account)‘ at all curves, bends, or corners of the llne.
AutoCAD (.dwg): The proiection MSAM (Member Service Area Mapping)
5(coordinate system) used to create the 6aI|ows members to see and change their
CAD file must be provided. Only the sendce areas using an onllne map.
assets to be registered are to be induded
in fhg filg‘ ‘ Powered by KorTerr:
7Paper maps: Paper maps must clearly Indicate the assets to be registered and named streets.
For more lnfonnatlon about updating your service areas please contact a member of our
GIS team at G|SMai| or 888.771.1877 opt 4.

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