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Chris st0Va"
Presmznr, Ans NAM Inc
zncnmly had the opportunity to strong and miormcd mcmbcxahlp and
sn down wnh Tn><as81l's new we Idnnufy then value. and deliver."
pma1dcnt,Chns Sl1.»vall.Aftnr mom what M Tcxmgllk mm LN Chm
thnn 13 ycaxs atTc><as81l,Cl1n~ d “W1 ‘ k ‘T 8%] _’ ‘I
w.1~ pmmnlcd tn Pmudcnt and CEO  ' b“ l“ *2 W‘ J’: W“ ‘*
thh past summer He km more than 18 b;:::‘f  (r""“;’d‘Lf‘|“l"‘m':’:'d"v“;[
3"" ‘“ '““d""}“" ""1“‘ “““ 13‘P'“" mcmbnh) and a Qtan thnt ltuly hate.
3"” ‘“ d‘“"“5“ "‘"""“""“ P‘"“ “’ about (lama e rcvcnuon and ubhc
atarung at Tcx.1~8l1 Chna worked .1~ mm V We fmfind ml and Ebom
an an lmifi: cummllur both In the Au ‘G1 >’ k 1? d k —" f d
A  m::::,.t‘::;;,:::'h:t::::tm:'
Chn~ is a hands-on leader, "Sutcms have a board of dlrcclon that .. tuned
A , my Tcxasfill nun be dnlurmmed In pan Into the needs at our mcmbu'.\.h|p gnve.
v by the cohesiveness of our ~t.1ff and n. umquu acccsw mm the amai our
‘ auppoxt from our mcmbcxa. Pan of my mcmbcn need an mo.-t."
K’ clmllcngc h to clearly communicate 1 1 _ 1
t‘ I; t, TM 3811,’ mmgy to our mmbm C Irhuls ent Iuammt about n. new
- and nnaum our entne org.1n|zauon ha. “"°' T°"“’B“ ‘” “°‘ ‘"3’ ‘°‘“P““3‘ "
belong. to our membchlup. we hlurally
, a commxlmcm to that goal. wnh that Work M W mcmbm Om Pun)” H
5/‘ ‘“ "““d’ 1"“ °“"""‘"' "‘" ‘“""““d to talk tn our mnmbcm loam w1ml>Lhcv
< _ ataff mu work umlnmly tn exited au WW 0 back M {hr awn bond |f—
""’°“‘“"’""" ne‘ee.'.-1: v d th- ‘ d 3 ‘ v ’
ry, an en plow e mnm auvc
I aiknd Chns wlml’s hm, "I w.1nlII~ tn wlulmn~ tn meet then ncnd~ "
cuncunlralc our fncua on our pnmary
.n...-nn; our members, protecting then f“"; ‘ “"13; ;;*I°g§fi °E=°"VU~*‘"°"»
masts and pllbhc safcty we have a W" ‘ Y‘-“‘ “ ‘“ ‘ *
5 . Texasall 2017 aim

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