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So what exactly do all these pipelines transport?
Tlaere r. a male range of proalurls traveling through the thousands of mrles of prpelrnes, eyeryllung from gas for
your ear to nxygcn for lrospnals. Many of thee products ean be luglrly flammable, harmful if anlralerl, cause eye
or skin irritation or pos.-rloly eau.e alrmeulry breathing. some of thc maienals raulal rause enyrranmemal alamage
eeeause of these parennal lrazarrls, u rs important for our nerglrlrars to lae able to recognize a prpelme leak
Recognizing a pipeline leak
Using your sense of sight, smell and sound will help you in recognizing a suspected leak.
I A dense, white cloud orfog I An unusual smell orgaseous I An unusual noise coming from
overa pipeline odorwill sometimes acoompany the pipeline, such as a hissing
I Discolored vegetation a Dineline leak. or roaring sound, maybe a sign
surroundingthe pipeline ofa leak.
I Bubbling in wateror creeks
oran oily sheen on water
I Frozen ground in warm .
I Dirt blowing up from the
mud Knwrlniloh below.
5 Call before you dig.
What TO DO If You Suspect A Leak What NOT TO DO If You Suspect A Leak
- lmmerlrarely leave me area ~ Do not much, bmathc er make Contact with the leakmg lra.
- Ilpmsiblk‘ turn off any cquipmcntbung n.erl m uld~ or gas. Slay upwind rrpassrlole
or near me snspeeleal leak Abandon any cqulpmunl - Do not lrglu a maxrh, snarl an engrne, use a tclcphonc, nun
being nserl anrl meye upwind [mm llre ~'II~pL‘:lcd on or off any typc ui eleemral wultch surn an a lrglu, garage
leak. door <lpL‘nL‘r, Cit. er do anything that may rreare ~tr1t|c or a
- Fmm a ~r1tcl<lczltmn, :al1911 or your loeal emergeney ~park.
response number anal thc prpelme eempany. call ml— - Do not arrempl re exungnrslr any prpelme are that may slarr
lccl,Ifnccdcd,r1nd grye yenr name, plume number, - Du not drive mm a leak er yaper eloual area. Auremulnle
aleserrpuen of me leak anal us loeanan engrnes may lgnltl: me yaper..
- warn ollrers lo ~tay away when p<l~'~lblL\ - Do nntzlttumplt1.»opDratC\'nl\'cs.
Pipeline Operator's Actions during an Emergency
in the unlikely eyem of an accident ar leak, the prpelrne upemtoz who rs notified will immediately rlnpalal. personnel to
llae sue to lrelp handle the emergeney anal to prmnale information to public sarely officmls to as.r.-i in their response to the
emergeney. Prpelrne leanmeaan. will also take quick aeuon ~uch as slarung and sioppmg pumps or compressors, elosing anal
apemng yalyes, anal srmrlar steps to mrmmrze the impact of llae suuauon. These respomlers are heavily trained throughout
the year to ensure Lhelr nerglrlaarlnaaa l~' relumeel to us well-loemg.
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