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Fun?:Ienta| Steps '10 a Quality Locate
Ey Elm Nlghswnnger
|1m~ been my cxpurmncc as a et yettr ltnes loeated tn the requested step 5: Double eheek and restore the
loeator that when l tollewed tlte area are marked. start by vtsually site
same steps dunng eaeh loeate and confirming tlte enttre seope of work
kept mv truek orgr1n|zcd,I\'tlt1~ en the loeate tteket by dmng a tobstte C‘“|’"“”‘ 1"‘ bY "‘° $‘’“‘“ "*1" '°
' . measure twtre and eut enee. A~ a ltne
muelt mere produrttve dunng my day walk through whtle en your walk I I I, ‘ U I k (1
and made tar tewer mtstakes. Although through, eont'-trtn the loeatten of aeeess 1°‘: °:' ’ "l""°: at“ k°t “ §““° (‘Ff
manv loraters may appreaeh tlte tr1~k potnts vett tdenttr-terl on your prtnts °" “ 3°” °,“‘ ° '° ° ““ Pm‘ ‘ '’
d V , . — _ _ make sttre vou vc aeeounted for all lme.
tnerently, l d ltke to present seven Take a elese look at the lanrlseape te b ‘d — [h b_ H V .
htnrlamental steps tor every leeater to searrh ler lopugmplucal elues ot ttttltty ‘"‘:  "‘ “““,‘ Ff’ fi“d‘d° 13”‘ “‘
eonstrler. eonstruetten ltke trenelt ltnes, erarks, f “‘ ’ (1 °“ ”°“ ‘° “f ; f° ,“‘ _h M
patehes or euts tn the pavement A “’“’—" “"3 " “°“’“,“ ‘ "" W“ ” °“
step 1: Fallow eatery proeeduree make sure tltat you ve elosed all ltds,
. goorl vtsual tnspeetten ean alse help
and use your eetety Equipment and d , boxes or eovers you may ltave epenerl
your enttty etherburted taetltttes
knowledge dllnng the ‘ob anrl have retneved all of
that may net have been rloeumenterl Y ‘ 1 d ‘
Try to make tlte ug1ItCholcL‘~ and take en your prtrtts. Be on the lookout for 3°” W ° “" °‘1“'P"‘““
a personal approaelt to your satety and any eondtttons that might atteet the step 7: Document your work and
the satety of those areunrl yeu. You are aeettraey of your loeale ltke eltatn ltnk entttmunteate any high profile
ulttmately responstble ler your satety tenres, gttard ratls, guy Wn'L‘~ anrl iacililies
dunng tlte day whtle dnvmg to and overhead llnL‘~ tltat may tntertere wtth ‘ _ ‘ M b _ Y
pcxformlng ltne leeates. The choices your loeatahle stgnal. And, t1~ always, H1” ;“f"’l‘°“ ° ,‘ d—" ’“—" ”_“f“;‘ ‘:"‘ K
W, ,,.m 0,. am ,ut,e.,a that new not be on the lookout ter .atety hazr1rd~ at h R -3 V3" °<":K"t: Q "mf I
only affctl your ewn satety bttt alse abnormal eondtttons that may tmpaet "P:’h‘“° d‘°_"f‘P"’h ““ ‘I’ l‘f§“t"““
have an tmpact on tlte saiety oi others your sate-ty. ““Y ‘"3 ““ “"Y ‘"5 ‘“ “ ‘ ‘’
start by tdenttlvtng the hazarrls that 5‘ A ‘}‘“ “*‘“““""“ ‘“"“°' M““3’ ‘°‘“““$
— — _ _ ep 4. Make a plan and wnrk your terhntetans take several ptrtttres et
ertst or may Cxhl en the tohstte anrl 1:“ {h k H" k‘ u_
then ehoose the approprtate personal P “‘ ma’ “"5” “° N f "“‘ ‘ W“ ‘"
preteettve gear and Cqulpmnnt yett wtll You should also eonstder estahltshtng d°““‘“°“‘“"°" "‘ “V ° “"3” ’°‘““"“
’ ’ to the cxtavallun area shown on the
need to perform tltts task sately. a pattern tor localmg and toeus on I I x __l V ‘ _ lh
. . Iocalmg ene ltne at a ttme l normally °“‘ ° “‘1““ ' ““Y “"’“ ‘M “’“‘ W‘
step 2: head tteket and cheek all pnllls the uxtavamr etther on stte or over
. loeated several types et uttltttes on my
herore and ailu puinrnullg the leeate _ the phone anrl any otlter elartheattons
tohsttes but would eompletelv lerate
— that relate to tntormatton shown en

Dunng the planmng stages of the eaeh uttltty system bcfum starttng on ‘ht d‘ mmmmm Mm Y ‘ hm
loeate, thoroughly rct1dvoIIxcxcavr1l|t_m the rtextsystem. Slratcgltally deploy 5 * ‘ 3 P l”

— operators and uttltty eperators requtre
nottee te gatn a elear unrlerstandtng of your stgnal transmttter anrl lorate a re mmmm bf mm when
the rltg area ltyeu arettnrlear ot the ene ltne ata ttme. wlten taeed wtth a ma1’v1;m‘h “km [M M“ the
exaet loeatton ot the d|g stte, eentaet the congested dtg ~1lL‘ or uttltty easement, mm‘! hm *1‘ ;m‘f~:’mmun‘mmm‘
ealler ol the tteket lor addtttonal detatls. deploy your transmttter away hem the mm ‘he c'm—mm ma“ mm 1: a‘ *'
Aeeess your area maps, pnnl~ anrl eongestten and loeate the ltne tnto the (mm mm 17;“; d on the“ ab M
reeerrls [or the dig area and tdenttty congested area. mm mm C 1 h‘ h mm ‘Inna M“
Y‘’“‘“‘‘3 “‘““ "“ >'°‘"P“““ D°‘“""‘““ step 5: Trace pinpninlalld maxk arrangemgnts ME mIade rloeument the
the number, type and our of buncd ' eonversttton to tnrludethe date tnrl
lme. you ltave tn the area, along wtth Temperary maxk|ng~ placed on the "mt mg mm“ W“ mkc lam ‘
the loeatten ot the top stde aeeess petnt tohstte are nonverbal eommttnteatton 5 P
hest ~uIlcd for applymg the transmttter between the loeator anrl the Excavator Following the same routtne on eaeh
to eaeh httrterl metallte ltne or traeer wtth the eolor tnrltratmg the type of lob ran reduee the rhanees et error.
wtre. prtnts should he eonstdererl prerluet flowing through the ptpe The task et ltne lucatlng tnvolves murh
a guldc and net a fact. lt your prtnt er rable Your temporary marktngs more than stmply knowmg hew te
shows that yeu have a ltne buried near sltould elearly trlenttty the esttmated operate an elertrente ltne rleteetor. 0
the the area but not tn the dig area, tt's hertzontal loeatton anrl pathway et
alway~ a good tdea to hook up and hne. burted tn the dig area. other 30,, “\Y,¥y,“UU“.{m ,5 W p,(,5,d(m ,,,,,
vertty the ltne ts aetttally elear valuable tntormatton yett eoulrl provtde cm a} u,,M,‘ T,m,,X Am,m,,y W,
5.2‘, 3; Vim,” mm, “,2 mm Will“ £3" 'f°:l;°" milking; cfuld has eye, 26 _l/cars Ufvtpfrlfrlrf In Ihcflrld
mpg uiwmk mt u « ~12: 0 me, tyvt 0 IN or PIPE ttfttmttv lorattttg and dnltlngr prevent/ott.

"h“°"“1r “*‘ WE” R‘ ‘M "“"'‘>“ 0‘ 1"'°*‘ re. qH(5;‘1m15 tv z‘mtIm(m‘5 Bub (rm ht-
A vl~ual m~pL‘Ellun ()f(1'1L‘]Ubfi‘llC ts a tn a smgln trenelt or eondutt package mm H, MW,mm(,, mm‘
very tmportant step to ensttrtng that all and who owns the lme.
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