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u~ually eonsrderably dlffzmnl than The rna,or neeornphshrnenl for the Papelrne sa1ery Managcmenl syslerns,
what plpelme uperalors rnusl mv£~I lhrrrl cmc rneeung was approval appean lo be gainlng momentum
to eornply with the regulnhons. who of §19Z 1,07 Venficatlon orprpehne laasleally, llus rloeurnenr promoles
pays for tompllance? The euslorners. maleual: onshore sleel lransrrussron pipehne sorely eullure PHMSA has
NOT the prpelrne operalor. 11 a plpelrnes There were numerous a lot on its plate at Ihl: rnornenl but it
pipeline operator cannot pass the cost rnoduaeahons and cl.1m"1catlon~ bul would nol surpnse m2if1173 were not
of tompllancn Ihzuugll lo lhe customer, the GPAC gel .1 DONE.’ PHMSA has intorpuratnd by mfemncz mm 49 cm
that plpelml: operalor will soon eease taken what they eall an "oppoxtunl~'tl(' Pan 192 somolune m the future.
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‘° f‘5““ “ °’ ° " "‘“"“5 a scgment niplpzllnc sorely, prpehne The BAD news [’HMSAl- as ood a
(avnrlable on the PHMSA web srle) — 5
mppmwy um Hwy ‘NH, \*\m operalors should no longer be requrred federal agency as you wlll nvnr find.
eornplelerl by Lhe end of the seeond “’ ‘°"?“‘ ‘l‘““ ’“S‘ ‘°’ the ‘ab °f Hrwc a safe and happy Z1J18!! .
mmmg A number of pmpmd coll2:l|l;gbdalIa.t  d.;lla wrll snll be
ehanges were wllhdrawn and lhe figsxfing   Wm lolm mmd from PHMSA and IS eummly
applreauon of several olher proposed bz allowed Hm Specific mqmmmem VICE Pn‘sId('Y1ID/PZ{VEhlIA' S_I/slmn Camph—
ehanges clazlfied For example, Wm not bz wmhbk “ml the mm 117159 and opemnous snrneos /or c2 Pm
PHMSA l\r1~ proposed (0 held the mlgmkmé but hm N in my op;mD“ mrs, LLC. Emmi /lflm [11cl7lJ1(r032—1s.rnln
word ”mllabl2” as pr1rlof"u'ac2abl2, a [N ‘ . 1 . '

\ ,, ge slep m what lbelreve to be the

l“;"§"'““;‘f°'“P'**° mrggm ngmdlzectlon. nnnan

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a§§§ed°$a'3l"~reE§§l"'e5'§fr§}§ eonrused Several other  were adelres.-eel at .§ Hflfllfl
the rssue wnhdrcw the proposed the lhrrrl CPAC meeting nnrl Lhe next _= 
change. Appllcabilltyofthe proposed Iwu GPAC ml:2l|ng~ were tzmatlvely § 
ehanges, e.g., lransrrussronlrnes vs soheduled for Maroh and June. How s.
galhezlngllnes urs..ns.r..onsy..en. many more will bl: required hnmaller 3 
was addressed Delarls arldressrng of speeulauon. , 9 1 7 1 3 R
{j:“;;"::§j;'fl§“r:;f§“k‘::°iff The one, amp m ch»: righldlmctlon 2‘ HERE

I’ P 5 is that It a ears that Al’! RI’ 1173, E 2 5 1 5 7 1
mqulrcmenb were addressed W 
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  >' ‘/ ‘ J I ‘ W‘ ‘ I
‘ 9
,. ~ - \ [
I /L I 4 ‘ '
0 ¢ ' '
9 e J
V, , ‘ , oln us |l_'I
; by 9 0Ul' commltment to safety.
«FF-1 *‘ "
‘ ‘ Call b f d"
888-882-8777 ..-flip” Ix"
'"f°@”‘“‘“'‘'‘'‘°’" * WORK SMRRTER I vln/vl/lzpram/‘room  M11111’!
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