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. ur a list Dfus,tl12 New Year means nnw
~ Flbeginninga. It IS a time to atan ire.-h and go
\ after a new set of gonla. It is also a time for
\ reneetion on what |.~‘ working fur ua and what la
nuI.AITsxa»811,w£ engage in thi. .-on of refleetaon
and ask how we can continue to get better In fact,
cunlinuuua improvement i. one ui our eore valuza.
II 13‘ our desm: to be the premier damage prevention
organization. An area where we ran enhanee our
uttering IS in moving our atrile toward zero damage.-.
we recognize that Llus is a lofty goal, but we believe it
is woztliwlmile. We believe, llk2 others in our industry,
that the pursuit of that goal I» a shared re.-pun.-ibihty
and we aim to du our pr1rt.T2xas81l|.~' committed to
1nvE~'tmg in training thi. coming year to move the
damage number closer to zero. we want to mvzal in training our staff so that we
can deliver beat-In-class‘ training to the public we serve, deliver the highest quality
locate rzquzat pnasible and continue to provide education and outreach to those
who still don't know about 811
we understand the importance of our role in the damage prevention pmczas II t..-
rewarding to know that a job well done means we aunt our ielluw Texans home
gate to their families and kept the miraalructure in our grzzt .-tate functioning and
intact. we louk forward to a year ui progress in making Texas aater
Cmls Stovall
President and CEO
2015, Issue 1 Temssll . 1

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