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mgulalmy xeannernents, Tcxt1~B11 and New Mnxlco PRC

Plpellnc salety Eurcall (NMPRC) IL‘prcsL‘nlzlllvc~ held 3 O A R D WA L K

a Q&A sesstnn dctmllng lhe mast narnmnn vtnlattnns

as well as snnllanne. and somcllmcs stgntneant

dlffi:n:nr:L‘~ bctwcnn Texas and New Mextea plpnllnu

sate-ty mgulatluns. Aeeetahng lo sehe An.1yt1,NM[’RC

snpemsat, a short elnve often changes field tompllancc Pl PEU N E PARTNERSLE

"W|tl\ put 40 m|nutl:~' dnvc tnne scpamllng El Paso,

Texas anal L.1~ cntees, New Muxlcu, sarnetnnes they . .

may appeal a be .. world   ..  dawn .., Boardwalk Plpel me Pa rtners
Excavators’ nnelerstanehng Lllclr obllgzmons (0 comply . . .

WlLlI appllcablc tegnlanans," satal Anaya. ”Tlm etnwa I5 Com mltted t0 operatl ng
mally ~nL‘mL‘d lo appteelate that we were able and . . .

wllllng to answcr Lllclnmpon.1ntqunstlon~ on he spot plpel me assets In a safe,
lbulluvu we wlll all agree {ht best tool out ln (111: Hold ls u o
communlctllmn.” rellable and compliant
fhmcrgcncym~pondv:nlllcnloll1v:d the excavators an m an “er and providi ng

e lramlng ground~ ta wnne.s the way Ihlngs am

snppasea tn week on a lubsllc wnh proper plannlng. '

A mprcsunlallvc {mm El Paso Sc.1lRllC, a uullllns  h   
contractor, walkcd the job dctmllng the neeessary steps -

to ensnte a sale prolccl Wl'1lEl'1 Included a whllc-llnn customer serV'ce'

:1, .t
I! _ /‘ ' >. ’ , ‘ . LOU|SlANAMlDSTREAM,LLC
' V ~..t ad --... t I’,
. ' , ._.‘ a:-~-— ATEXAS one . -
; ’ . ‘ i ‘as,   ® GULF CR°5§!!flS§
I V . _ .,.. ,» .
' ‘ :4’, ‘V ' @€é?E:  
A _ _ A‘  ‘ .[ ..:'.:':.L\_“:';
. '7 ' '  '  "WI “WINS "5 l>EIl1oc><EmcAl vlvzws LLC
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dnmonslrauon. Tlns was followed up wltll a hne lucallng ' -

damonslmuon by USIC and a vacuum exczlvallon I

dnmonslratlon by Tn»Statn Eleetne Wllll nattanan

alesenlang the ehallenge. a.sae.ateal wnh eaeh dlsclplmc. ,. 

But ln the malwnr1d,tl\lng~ don't always go as planncd. """"F""'9

JD Abrams Safety Spctmlht Iury Lupnz elaborates. ’

"As salety pmtesaanals, we tenal to focus on lmlnlng 2

emplayees an lmw ta do Lhc work the nglll way,”

Lupcz, who also ~l:rvL‘~' an .1 Wm! Texas DPC CUA(l'1illl’

conllnuL‘~, "But l(’~ human nature to learn [mm yont

mlstakcs wlucll ls when‘ the Muck Llnc Stnla: comm

mm play we want to llluslratc haw [lungs can go mally

bad as L‘xcavator~ and nnhty opuraloh don't ldcntlly anal

address all known anal pmdlnable hazatds; the ptpehne

mptnte dL‘m1.m~tmllon gets then attennan anal lnavcs

lhcm wnh a lmllng mL‘m0ry."

In Ihl~ scunanu, tllc nxcavatlun Emw dldn’l bother >

to eall an anal wxungly msumud that the catsanne

ptpehne maxkczs aeentately markcd the locauon of the

undugmund pnaehne. when the baeklnae ~txucl< the

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