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Pipeline Public Awareness for Kids
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tts ttnwets-ally ateepted tn need age appnapttate tnatenals that thtldten could teaeh thett patents. lzttt
Ithc ptpeltne tndtts-tty that teaeh the thtldten." when we bcgan tn teaeh ottt tn sehottls,
cummunmaling ptpeltne satety tn \ \ ,, , _‘ we had teaehets- eotne to us and say
thesehoatseotapoaeat ,5;L,;°(';*S'*‘"“‘t ‘;"P'l°"jL; ;:‘“‘,'£ k, that they Wcrc lcaxmng aew things

ofany tomplnlc public  5 ' 1 "3" °"iT'P= ‘fl; ah W ° = toa ~

Pmgmm g|:Ll~ tte tate U exas eae mg H

jstlwc tn setente. lzttt l tn must she tonttnned, lean tetnembet

met the past twenty yeats at pleased wtth the p0~ll|vc fccdback ptpeltne eotnpantes giving eolonng
lntltnflcwlng ptpeltne pnblte awateness we've tetewed tnam teaehets and the books and etayons tn a ntee package to
petsonnel, rye leattted that tntetnal kld~ " seltaels, bttt the pntblem many ttmes-
pmgram~ have been estabhshed E U _ h Lh I d was the bnolesntst sat thete and gut
and (hIrd—pt1rty eanpantes haw:  *° 3'" "Id ;“,s~ 53"; ff hasty. Having a colunng book  nat
been eteated to achieve that goal “ ' “ff” '““’ “ “ ‘“’° ' “ " the satne as having a plan to teaeh

so now thes-e tempantes ate tateel °"“““' ' “‘ '““‘“““’ ‘“‘°'3" the ehtldten. Ctlvr: them a bttok and a
wtth tneasttnng the test and the The qttestntn ts- not, ”Do we need ta thallenge. send the cluldmn hntne wtth
etteetwenes-s of thett pnagtatns. teaeh the thtldtenv" The quL‘~'tlon as, a tntss-ton, and that mts-ston ts tn tead
wtate pipeline taaaaaates want a DHW 1°   W‘ =“-gm’  'j"‘°;j‘:‘;“§;’;,‘f;f1‘;‘“']‘;'a"i ,
thttel-patty organization to do || all tot °“"“ "N ’ 1 mg "C?" U h 11",.’ x” K Y E )
mm’ “mm mm to be mm lmndwn expettenee wtt t ptpeltne satety anel aeeept t e e a enge.

wtth the program. Meet Danna Hyde, P“"":h“‘“'“’°“‘*’ P‘°$’"''_‘*' ‘{ ’°‘““‘“* All Vnry tntetesttng tntotmatton Donna,
tottndet and ewnet of Be Ktd stnatt and 3°" “‘ P‘P°"“‘k‘“‘“‘}’ 3"“ ‘““l“‘;‘ any tlnstng thottghtsv she teplted, '1
the attthot of "Be Kid stnatt an npeltne °°"'““ “"’“"“"“ ""“’ “ 3° “’“ ‘ “° belteve that tn etdet to take 811 and
Safety" Donna ts- tetttetl from Ettstaee 3“"““' P“""°' ["P““""’ h“Vh° "m-“'f“ ptpeltne safnty to a htghet level, and to
Gas Plant wtth Enbttelge Ptpeltnes and "“"“ “"“"“““' I“ “‘'“;‘l.‘‘''‘ "‘°’““““‘ make talltng bclorc yen dig neetls as
was passtottate abnttt teaehtng ptpeltne P‘°T°"““' P"’;"‘“ P“ '“ “‘”‘“°““”‘ tomtnnn t1~ft1~‘tL‘n|ngyouI seatbelt, we
satety to kids even bdon: she tettted ""1 d‘j“ f"“‘’“ ‘ °“ if Pl‘“‘$‘“‘“"'“ mttst s-tatt tn tntt sohottls I heat many
shee retiring, she wantnd to ~ham if, 5"‘: “1‘’’‘‘‘‘_‘‘‘‘§‘t , =5’ yl ° d .a the taetastty  that we dun’l have
what she learned wtth other ptpehae 3' “f; ~ ‘Md “  ='; '“"'"g 3" enough peapte to gel the message oui
pnatess-tonals about cmpuwcnng ktds bjfxgnlffngffi ‘° "“" >°“"5“' ““ l'tn eonvtnteel and have seen uvldnncv:
to be pmt-s|Z,Cd Damage Prevention ' that tltete ate a Im at Willing people
Patrols on lneatton, whethet at hotne 0! Donna was asheel, "50 why wete the teady to help the tnelttstty pnttnate

at s-eheol ‘Bu Kid Sma|1'mauurcc~ crL‘zllcd7" she pxpcl-no safcty and many of them m m

,, satd, ”Tlm tnalenal was eteated rot the thttd DI totttth grade at you!’ loeal

Denna s-atel, in my optnton, nobody ts an V _ d d I ,1 ‘d d I ~dml‘_,,

betteteqntpped DI tnttte beltevable to >‘’"‘ "‘ ff“ ‘“ ‘Y “ ‘° “L “ ° * U

teaeh letds abttttt ptpeltne satety than P‘“‘““‘ ““ ‘” “E” $“’“P' D“$‘““"3‘ Tu ream mart ahum‘ public aw/1701255 fat

the tdea was teaeh the kld~ so that the , ,
ptpeltne employees, but must of tltent hris gtt Iu ‘IUIUIU l7(kIl‘i.<IrIflrI.rNl1
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