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fmm the desk of  
Q ffectivz cummunicalion requxrza that we
\ pay attention In what the listener doe. wnh
\ the infnrmnlion we communicate to them.

At T2><n.s8l1, we mm for enecuve eommnmennon

wxlh me public, our membem, custumzrh, partners

and employees. Cummumcatinn is vital m damage

prevention and public aaiety and n a key pan of our

maa.-mn at Texnaan. It's xmporlanl that we do :1 wen


Tu ianlllatz damage prevention, promote public

safety and plated the environment Ihmugh

stakeholder educauon and cummumcntiun

we beueve a future of zero damages n poa.-none and
erceanve communication will play a huge rule m genmg us them. The common
Ground Alliance nepom that as a call to an 15 made pnur tn excavation, then the
ukeunood ui a damage dlopa to baluw 1',m1.av.- great news! That means Wm.
effective cummunicalmn we can aeauy make an impact on aaisty and preventing
damagza to uur underground xnfraatructllzfl we amdemand that n is nmd work
gemng me mesaagz out and we can't do it auone, but we beueve that tugzlhzr with
om aankenoldem we can contmue to make pmgresa toward a safer Tsxaa.

Chfls Stovafl
Presrdent and CEO
2015, !ssu22 Temssn . 1

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