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5 »-"‘ \\ ‘
w Q1} _
. V’ In been nmn}, nmnth~ .~1ncL* the
«’ D , d1~e1.~Acr necuned, and Uung~ arc
\ \\ .~mrtmg[Urc|II1I\|0I\0rmnIm Rbckpnn
' , ‘ —[hank,~1nlargc pe1n[U(|\c d\rc(tmn
f —e of pubhc \\ orkx and buxldmg and
, ‘ 7‘ dL‘\L‘1Uph'\L‘h(AhfC([Ul Vlxku Donmlm
} hhke \\fl.~ m ]71~ Sm yceu a~ pubhc
‘ x ‘V \, \.\'ork~ aneeun \\']7L*n me .~mrm hu um
/A \ the dcce1dL'.~0KL*nIcrgcI\(y Inalmgunmnt
$\ .mdnr.~t1c\pnndc1 tnnnmg that he
bmuglu wnh hnn to the ,nb prepared
_; ‘ hnn tor the m(>numL*nta1d1~e1.~Kcr
‘, I /f , ¢ rL'>p:)n.~L' e1|\dungmng1ccmcr), emm
. /I/_:? Nm very good at retirement
‘ / '_ . : hhke didn't h10\L‘ to Ruzkpun to
' ’ , ’ Lake l|\c1c1n.~ Al the I’ub11cV\‘urkx
/,I";a’,' Depmmem In am, he e1|\d]n.~ we
[I ‘V A mmcd to the me1.~te1lcmnmunn\'
‘I, ,7 to retire e1flcr]u.~ prm mm center m
‘-'Ze/ emergency nmnagcmcm In Brynn
‘ Never one to ~14 ‘axe, Mxkc applied
In} A me1II\(che1I\(c ,ob mm the cm,
I of Rockport m we \.\'e1(cr dcpm hnem
' to >U pplunmnt J7» xctxrunmnt mcumc
I .~|mrtl\'e1flcr]7c got xcnlud m the town
of About 1U,UUU
"1 mu :1 AK e1|\up}:mn\ImLy," Mxku
mid -'1 mm myxuh um .r 1 had to gt:
backward and be an uniploycc [aflcr n
, . e 34 your mrL*c1,.md e1:|uL‘\'1r\gK|\cmI\k
‘fl nfFncChxcI1nI31vaI\},I'd be (he but
employee m the wmld *rIm'.~ what]
,,. .1 \.\'e1mcd to do \\ hen 1 mum to me cu,
' ‘ of Rnckpnrt Be .1 ncwn1L*n1bc1,g0put
m .1 gnod .1hy.~ wmk and gt) hnme 7
.. and ulppun the udm\Iu~[r.}mm and be
' n good cxnploycu and undchtand the
. ; .~|Ipc1\'I\u1\.'e1\pc((ufA|\mg>"
In Abullt A yum, he \.\'a~ pmmotcnl to
hn CIIrrL'nt}:1:)\1[I:)n Mukc’~ plain to
e 0 n 0 0  xccmcd to be on hold, u-placed
’ wxth nnmher ful1—mnc e1dmm1~he1[mn
puxnmn one n11gh(~e1\'hL*’~1mL\ or),
good at rutucmcm 7 Vlxkc \.\'ould .~e1\'
he ;u.~c cny0v.~ flhL‘V.\'(|h1“CI\gL‘
V V 7 N5 110! a ‘me’ thing, it's a ‘we’
a. v.n.;bn  y  .
gammy,-e ‘hmg
Mxkc \\’e1~lmL‘()f.~L‘\'L‘ml mumclpal
cmpIn),cL*.~ who xmvcd during the
unIc.1nL‘ Har\:c\' dc» maxede1m;n1xcem.u Category 4 ~tm m and emhned 14
Tenn» \\'hL~n n (anus dshurn‘1II1\|I':,u\t(v|:Ul7. h()|Il\ of hun1ce1nc—lmcL* \.\'md\ m two
Hxglu mneb and hL\1\'\' mm pummeled the dmurcnt f.}c1h[Ic~ m mu n The team
C(vmmunm' M Rnckpurt \\'hcx'c the wturxn nude Implunwmud the m\vn'~ emu} gent),
1:. kn»: lmdmll butnm mm.n_e ututh and mlxxxng hnnen: nmnagcmcln plan before, during and
nne.hn_e m (lac Hm\xmn arc1 Immediately after the mu m
In hn prL'\'mI|~ ceucur, he \\ J.~ an
mxtructor wnh Tcxe1~.'\&M Engxnccnng
Exlcnxum semee Fxrc and EmL*rgchc\'
Sc1vI(c~ program Rerened to fl.~
TEEX, thcurge1|uze1tIon e1I~n\pnmxur\

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