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. tTexasall, we work with our utility and
Ainiinicipal members every day to keep
L _ Texas going. The infrastructure we protect
supplies Texans with the ability to communicate
with one another, vital energy to keep the lights
on, air conditioning and cars running and lite
giving water. with over 1,700 members, Texasall
has a strong comrnitrnent to keeping this hidden
underground intrastructure protected. we are
proud to work alongside our members to facilitate
damage prevention and promote public saiety.
our commitment to our mernliership is to move
Texas closer to zero damages from excavations.
when the 811 system is used, it works really well over 99% of the time a call is
made to 811 before digging, there are no damages associated with that work.
2013 has been an exciting year fur us and we have made a lot of progress enhancing
our technology and training. You should begin to see the fruits of our labor toward
the end ui this year and the beginning of 2019. If you haven't marked your calendar
yet, please plan on attending our Damage Prevention summit in February where
we can talk more about what we are doing and what the suture holds fur our
our hope is that this magazine helps promote satety in Texas. we appreciate you
taking the time to read it.
Chris Stow/all
President and CEO
2015, Issue a reiaaarr . 1

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