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M   ,,, T
. lie hard to beheve that l am already wnnng the
letter my the uh quarter magazine. The year
L _ is gamg by faat and our T2><as8ll members
have nCcumpIi.~.hed so much in auch a ahan
amount of time. Our membership contlnues Io gnaw
a. mare operalnri are seeing the value in bemg
a Texaaall member. A: membenhlp grows‘ we
continue to mave the needle closer to zero damages
fur lhe alale ofTexn~ A large number of our new
members this year have been municipalitles Even
though pamcipatlon in the one call ayatzm IS
voluntary my water, slurry and ..-ewage raellmea,
many mumclpnllliza are ngnang up. we know that
belng a pan uf the one call system greatly mducza the chances of a damage and
that when the one call system 1:‘ used by exeavalm lhe chances of damagmg an
underground line drops In less than 1%. It is exciting to ..-ee plogmia in our aim?
in such an important indualry. we are eammmed ID finishing the year .-lnmg
wurklng alongside our members to prevent damage and keep the publlc aaie. we
hope to see all of you al Du! Damage Preventiun Summit m lhe new location m lhe
beginmng of next year
Chrls Stavall
Presldent and CEO
2015, Issue e Telmssll . 1

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