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Supply-Side Water Efflclency
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but d1dn't call you, n’~ much mom than

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and ~malI,p:\rKI:Ipalc1nt11L~ em

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buhlnc» ~cn~L‘ and 11cIp~ re prrmde
mic and dependable elnnknrg wnrer In
the tap when some fanlny ()pcmmr~
parutlpalc m an b|It(\tl1L‘[> do run, n’~
hardly n "One Call" ~_v~(cm and ax a
re.u1r, uvurybndy ~uffL‘r~
A~ a nouee re (ha mdmrry, I we
rnree cnncal components which will

r Impact rhe futuru of our uxhtmg water

.~ sIIpphL'~, ~uIIr:c ~u>ta1nab1hty, ~upply—

‘ nae wnrer emereney and eonnrnrer

WE‘ , ‘ water c:m~cr\. ntmn. Wnh Mnthcr
Nalurc bung rne wad card In an.

1 uquatmn,Ite1ppL~ar~ to me am or the
rhree cnncal components, ~upply—~Idc
water cfficxcncy 15 me e.r~re.r fur the
drinking water pm\'1dcrt()c()nm)I
For me punme or t1'ux amclu, I won’!
addruws rhe mmt obvrou. ~upply—~)dc

' , ' water cfficxcncy mcmurca, ~uch :1~ lmk
repnrr, mplatcmunl pmgram~, and
.~y.xen1 uper.m1e~ Irhlcad, 1 would hkc
!1.»[ncu~ en pruvulmon of third party
dnnmgc to undcrgmund xnfmalnlclilrc
It you are one of the nppmxxnmtcly
450 dunking water pm\.1dcr~ that are
eurrenrly regmered In rhe Tcxa~é$1l
nonficalmn .y.ren1 and pmvldc
p1.»~m\'c re.pon.~e to Xanllty Incalc
mquu~t~, you unaemnna how an.
lu~~—conm>I qreregy not only reduces
epenmng tows, It :\I~u reduce. ~y~tL‘m~
Ir»! and unacmuntcd—mr
Participation m rhe Tcxa~8ll
nulxficalmn .y.rern pm\.1dL‘~ ~-rmnnrrnl
thmugh damage prcxcnuun and public
education programs. A ~IgnIfIc:\nK
pur:uI1lz\gc()[d:\n1agL~ to water ~y~re-nr.
r~ are maul: of cx::\\'amr~ calling 2411
re» ruquu~tfa:1l1tyIncalc~ but tailing re
realize that 111: water uuhly we. not
regmered in thcTcxa~é$1l notlficalmlu

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