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Meet Ketha Mollna, Texas811 Damage Prevention Manager
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5 assers. A Pzovcn rraak aeaaaa ar merdenr rnuesrrgarrens and cununI|uu~
_ '__| mnovzmvc rmpxovcmcnh tluuugh Improvement.
“ )’ ‘ P‘°$”‘“ “‘°““°P‘“°‘“r ““‘“'"S “"4 when asked why she ehose ro fill rhe
" j "““ d°“"°P"‘°“" roln: as a Texas811 damage pmvcnuun
Kerha has developed sarery poheres, manager she sard, "n h reauy abeur
§ pregrarns and proeedures she savrng hues. Excavation ean resulr In
4 manages sarery program, and aaaauaaa rruurres and sornerrmes unrorrunarery,
sarery rramrng as well r1~ nerd sarery m rarahrres. Pmlccung underground
7 audrts. she hrmg. her erperrrse f-ml-I-e~ reduee~ ~'-zu-fieuut ems
Cm may ,1 am H mm M Into eonsrrumen, rransperrauon, -woe-ated wuh pmpeny damage»,
Wm Hm mm mm than eduearren, heavy srre and em: as wen e}r‘w-ranmenlal damagea and of to-me
18 yea“, Cxpmcm a3 a as ml and gas, Her an and ga. saraay r eunrnrenrronal uaury er los~ ui me.
may pmhmml and m lrammg rndude: H25, rennned spare, Ir rs a pnvuege re be able re reaeh orhers
kadmhxp mm” Cxtavallum and ran proreeuon. to reeugmze the dansera amelaterl
SM H a member 0‘ mt Ammo“ wrth drggrng areund underground

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serves on rhe rhaprer cxncuuvn: beard
Meet Jesse Torres, Texas811 Damage Prevention Manager
have aauaa Tm, home (9, I am hrhnguax and breu1rura1 and enyey
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.aa,.,M.a as, 1;, ya“, .a Pubya and hsremng ro musre hke Tqano, »
and rnrrasrruerure sarery usrng Country and Rock l am a parent to a

eduearren and erpenenee ro keep 20-year-old laugh u~ n-ul~ daughter ’ r

eenrraerer. and rhe genera: public sare wlua dnves me crazy _ , ‘.

whrxe hung and/or wurkrng areund ‘rm mmmdy happy to bu awn ‘D Pm \ _'W ‘.,‘

P-Palm‘ my erpenenre and edurarron mm rhe 'r ’ ‘

rhava uaea a baa“; mamba, a, c()Achi‘|‘ Terasau ourreaeh program desrgned re ‘ , ,—

ror r1~s0c|r1lmn~ surh as rhe Hrspanre keep everyone aafe who work» or lwe~ 

Caa.,aa,a, A~wC‘auOn’ AC9 Sam, around underground rnrrasrruerure

 Tm’ A5‘ W‘ 5A"‘~ ‘° "‘“"“ My passron rs seemg a fair hghr up

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My erpenenee rndudes rerau and rental kuawmg It-al wmeuue wulle away

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over rhe years my eerrrneanens mdude

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yaaanng Paaaasa, A /C and aa,ba,, errorrs our mdusrry rs ~r1h:r and mere

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