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b The Pullcv Center
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Jackson MS
hm mg!“ mud Ohm“ bu” Dtd yoll/notlu: the wotd.- "fllnsnt whteh t. cheapet and tnueh ntote
K K , \‘t1luL‘~7 eutnptehen.tve And whtch ean now
““”‘“d “ ‘°“"“‘““°“ ‘“‘”‘ “ eutne undet tlte atotetnenttoned
eu.totnet who wa. dt.ctt.-..tng ln..ntance t. de..tgned to "put yuu back ,.B,mm,,
thc P0115!’ he had wnttcn wtth hkc you wete hetute the datnage " ‘

-mother agent He W-1~ wondering That’~ tt. toh —thL‘ Pttnetple ot Dun’l a..utne that lnland Manne t.- not
whethet he had enough covetage on lndetnntty — back ltke yuu wete. Nuw, as good aa Ptoprrty <°\'=m5L‘» WW1
curtam -tum», and I mcntmncd he apply that; It yuu had a five yeat old Mattne eovetage t.- petteet tot what
ptohahly had blanket envetage -and ttaetut that gut ..tolen, wottld yuu he -t~ lob -~ —tu mvcr cq-uvmmt MM
that a tew hundted dollt1r~Awunh ut mad at that Emma ,; my gm you A tulltng .-toelt eontpntent t.- deatgned
\'a1uc~' shown on the Pvhcy we-Ildn't lttand new lractuI7 \/e.-, and tn.ntance to do hatd Work and the eontptnent
tnattet — that he would get teplaeetnent euntpante. ate not gotng to du that. wtll get banged up In tht‘ PY°“‘~“"-

eo.t even tt tt wa. lt.ted luwet heeatt.-e E.,,Lmu,, Wu}, (“land Mmm, WW1, Even a htand new backhoe ean get

of the blanket wh-ch would rt-nth ant t. huw eqntpntent t.- altnu..t alway. dtng. and dent. tn tt. ht.-t yeat. l-ht..-,
and euvet the ttetn. tn queotton. wtttten. And, ul euut.e, a ttaetot wtll Inland Mannc l~ wltnt’~ called "A11

HLK Mud’ “My mm M “mm il1Wily‘sfbl’c‘Cl£\5fi‘L‘(§ c1~lt1Kn [lnland Mgrlnu fl.-k that
mdmduauyar and , may ,,YL_KK’,, “Km ttent. tt . gut wtee ., p an on tt etng ‘PP , 5 x

,, ,, lnland Mattne ot lzqtttpntent euvetage. wat and othet nxcludcd penl.-, wtll
h" ““d’ 0" °‘" M“''‘‘‘' "M" A] l t d t he eoveted Ptopetty covetage ht. tu
.op an ont epteeta mg, mcamng . t « K .
whoa 7 l cttnged you wtll get the depteetated value he wtttten a.- "Sperm! Fotnw to nttet
 , t -lk‘h.B -he.
"RL‘mL‘mbcx all t n...  anottt  ;‘Q:*;K:tK§;K:1»K:§;n€L{‘Kj1K*c'§f;°K{KK‘“Kft;; Kjulfi fK:‘|f;jKf‘m‘n LE jfimgj 'K'j‘,‘mfK‘d“‘“
f‘‘“‘ 3 b'T“}:"“"° “"4" ‘°‘5l“‘ "“"Y‘}::“$ patd eaeh yeat wtthuut dtopptng the Mattne doe.-n't alway. tnean tt .huuld
.at ewayyontpotcynwtt en K K K K _ E‘ ,1 _. T}, K be

change. an M dm Ya“ am talking \ alne. u[ y uut Lqmpmcnt unle.. X1-up c computm Ly cm

‘ 1 d M K d I K Kh 1 yuu ate wtth a eontpany that wtll pay wnttcn other way, no Prolmty (cu
d‘;;L'K‘mm :K‘K‘K’r‘;fl:,““ ' " “°“ “ “ ° ° teplacetnent co.—t, whteh wtll hkcly he Bu.-tne.-. vet.unal htopetty) ot undet

wtthtn a ptogtant watch tot tt, ask lnland Mattne. Mo.tate wtttten a.

lnland Mattne |s u.ed tot eoutptnent about tt Ptopetty, and l wottld wnte nttne that
““d *°‘“" "“"“' ’ 5‘'"‘'‘“‘'3’ ‘“““‘° "‘ lattt a unt tetatut chlnnnatot W”

tnetal — can he con.tdeted eqntpntent P PM t = t ,

even a genetatot (tn eettatn tn.tanee.-) New, ttvon dun thave anytlung but
But they can also he eun.tdeted a.- , K — d f K
,,PmPmy‘,, And, Kf Kmnm KKK Pmpmy wuttldn the etaetly wtong tu he wtttten L;I“‘I:‘"‘°‘:l‘ an adfiw ““'“P‘:lU~t so
‘"'h=°‘“W"*°“W°m’~ '?.'i‘"d b"fL§7"7?t"°3’° lh~ t“a't°t"aa"t‘§Z.°tZav‘v°§v°L"t".’t"vZ‘a‘tllve.
pIImp~, ntotot.-, auatuh, lank~, ete., W“ ‘" ““ P"’P“"3 ‘Pm ‘"8 °“ ‘ ‘ ’ _ ' — ‘ _
euntpany and type ut poltey lttttldtng and content. and tnventoty a.

ean cotne ttndet lalanket eovetage (the W“ M Equipment mp the mmpmm
total oftlm value. uiuncll ttent lt.-ted Thzlt’~ the (lung: a eotnpany ean on WK Pm m, ’ ’
on the pultey t. added up). That tutal wttte any "..peetal kind" ot pultey P ’

t.- the antount ml the Blanket and can be they want They can (and dot wttte Generally, ya-r agent w-I1 attempt to
applted tu any dantaged ot dcatxoycd poltete. tut vattuu. type. ot gtuup. match the euvetage. and eotnpany he.t
ttetn. Tht. eleatly, ls how yuu ean get 7 pattteulatly tt a gmup t. hoth largc to what your busxnm dam T°day'~
away wtth the value ot an ttent hetng enough and needtng .-peetal euvetage -ruurancc markctplact‘ H cvmtantly
.utnewhatluwet than what tt take. tu tn cettatn .tntattun.. They wtll develop clmngms |t'~' In yvurb=~t mtcmt to
teplaee tt a "ptogtatn" —W}1lE}1 wtll apply to clmck wtth yuut agent hetote tenewal
S K 1 K d __ k K K eettatn peuple dotng cettatn thtng. ttnte to make .nte thete h‘n’l .unte new
10"“ P0 fit“ R" =:ml;“d"'<~ mad U31“ Wat. ca,.a,,. Cqu|P"|cn[ _ and no eutnpany program that wtll nettet ~crvn

‘”‘K°“‘ ““§‘ "T" T" ’ ; t“‘;‘f‘“K5° ' “K‘ Lvlhcxs. They even have whole tn.utanee yout lttt.-tne.. yottt agent may not
P“) “°°"‘ ‘"5 ° 3 "“‘ ‘7 ‘ 3°“ W“ euntpante. devoted to (even named [or] catch eaeh new ttend, but tt tt hener-tt.
off, well, too had — that . all tt t. gotng
_ eettatn type. unatt.-tne.-.e. ot entttte.. you, n~k hum to »~1wPy<=ur mnvwal%
to pay su aectttacy t. vetv ttnputtant
— — Bet that they have opeetal ptogtatn. and not 1"“ for pnm, but for thc but httms
wtth an lnland Mame poltcv totnt And —
,, , « coverages! euvetage tut you

"blt1nkL‘l~ dun t apply. That ctt.-tontet

.huuld new teally clmck and find out so, you ean get pttntp. and motors, It Is yout bu~lnc~s and yottt ntuney Don’!
the cuttent value. ot ht.- ttent.. etc, eoveted undet Ptopetty — leave tt tn wmcunc el.e'. hand.-. 3

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