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CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15 Explain the cumpan)/'5 con~'rrucl|un at Pipeline satety htlyv.//‘ gov, Lhe
and ea.-ement requuemenls to ya... Partnership fox Excellent: m Fxpellne
HIGH CONSEGUENCE AREAS The nnuon's Infrastructures‘, mcludmg 
In accordance Wllh federal regulahnns, P'PE‘‘"‘°/ "9 “ "‘“‘‘°’ °‘ ““‘°““‘ on are excavatmn, go onhne and visit
some area. neat papelmea have been °‘°“'“Y- ‘f Y“ ‘”‘“‘°*“ °““P““’“‘ 1A.'wIA/.rummuIIgmuvIdrlUiI1vI(E.L‘mII
desxgnated a.- Hugh cameanenee “UVIW 0“ “ PIPEIW us“-°f-Wavr
Arm PM “me mas, fiupplememl plsise reporl It to the appropnnle Awnrentas Is the key to preventing
hamd Mmmm and Pmmmn au| Dul|2~ .l1l~J1oun aalpnamblfi, ?l’ I rip;-}E|l|nei:(£c|dex;ta. Yuu cani:nn|nbutr:
mu ma ca e . emeo Era an a esa an aecun '0 ‘Eur
Management rmgtame have been > - ‘ 3 3 S
dsvglopgd‘ If a “Palm Dpmm ha‘ found at the Depamnent of Homeland plpellnea ate, and innwang how
Hugh canaeaaeneeanea.-, mfurmauon j::“;;*l{£~ WEWE WW"5—X='”/ fr :j=f‘§';-fl: ;;j:"fi°;:fi::;:‘;*v
abeut Lhese plans maybe avatlahle P - E t d ‘h I - _ i t 1
'1-mush the" company“ webs-te or NATIONAL pnzzams MAPPING ‘° ‘j"°“P mi ‘ ‘N ° “ W" ‘"2
by contacung Lhe operators mzporate SVSTEM :i'rr:"‘e"m‘g:;:§°;‘g;1‘:::‘;‘::l"”E
an -. 1
° C?‘ For mfurmauon about pipelines just hke any gonad nexghborhuod
CAN OWNERS BUILD on DIG operating in your area, you may watah program, neighbors look uut for
0N A RIGHY-OF-WAV? Contact the Nanonal npehne Mapping each ulhez. Ium In wnh the plptlme .
“mm ngh[S_of_Way must be H M companies to keep out iamxhes safe.
kept fme from .-tmmnea and other {LP 1 ‘P ‘d ‘ d E ‘h H
obs'rruCl|un~' tn pmvmle nC{E~‘a In the | E: '“E‘ ""““‘ °“‘3't“ I C’; 9 Pt‘: ‘C
a ave acctas a Con ae |n Drma an
plpelme fol matntenanee, as wen aa In ‘G! ‘ 21“ mm mm 0 mm m
the event of an emergency. If a ptpehne P P P P E
Cmms yam Pmplmyy Pm“ do hm yarn area. vmt zn1A.;u: npvr£5rl.;vh‘:fIIs/1.
a . on or more m onnn |Dn. vou
plant (mes Dr latge .-hmh. on the nghl- W051 d like In know Whmh 5 mam
of-way. Do nu| dxg, bmld, «me D1’ 1 ‘ d *P dd
way wn out first nvmg t e plpehne » »
Company,‘ pmomm, "wk the giynrtment tntt hee at 1;877-dZ8D-(23:26
plpelme 01 stake the nghls-of»way and 9’ '°*°‘"‘*‘ ‘““Y 9 “““ 3‘ C‘
Q‘ ’ ‘  > ‘ » VII: Q R‘?
  E; I V‘ I .‘  t '
Vs. ' , ’ ‘ _ . ~ » .
«L. - '
:  Before you mg’
’ Knunynls o-ammmmawiwaanawr
9 ‘ * e rt..,.a-a...;,e. a .a.. .,. us: no «man me bout-mul mm-—
. 9 L‘ Ann‘ v lpmzmlnu u'v me law prusum [)1 um um mama
4 v 5
, .3 :4 Malina: mm Sflle ya: me and
t 5 prevml at mm: um am In
H . ; mam nu nu-mt prqmy and
888-882-8777 _
i"f°@UY3553'Ch-(°T" %' WORK SMARTER! Z 
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