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New Re gulahons
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n my last amclc (wmmn m mslallcd. when ayatI:m~ desrgnerl for how ean Ihcy po~'s|bIy enhanee prpehne
seprernber), 1 rnennoned vnry 1ow pressures (about 13.5 psrg) are sazeryv
cxplu~'mn~ m Massaelnrseus From exposed |o pressure orders of a hrgher Look M An N, "73 P|pdmL_
rhe Nanona1 Transportation sarery nhjgnfludg (armor ea pap), very bad Sam Y Mam mm 5 “mm ‘D bc
Board (NTSB) web are "On Sepmmbcr rhrngs happen. It appears that tlu~ rnay mm’ ‘9 V > _’ h
pnratnd by mfcznncn sooner ml er

13, 21313, about 4 p.m easrern dayhghl have been what oeeorred. mm mm

nrne, an over-pressure of a Iaw- 1}‘ Y dmduah mvnmd ‘ ‘

pressure narnral gas drstrrhnuon 3"“ 2°” "‘““§’ '“ 1 mam“ of By (112 umn: you read «hrs, P1-IMsA's
sysrern oeenrred in the City oiLr1wmncc ‘E “ “fig” “"1 ‘"‘P ‘T I Tl Gas I-rpehneAr1vrsory conrrnmee
and the «owns ofAndovcx and North ' 9 WP“ ‘“f “|L’h“““'“;“hP"’!“£ ' d“ (cmc) will have eornp1ered anulhnr
Andovez rn Massaohnserrs that N753 "'1' ““ df"“f  “ “" lhmc days of hcr1nng~ regarding
resnned rn fires or explosrons at over so '_““Y ‘d$“‘;‘Y ‘“ ‘V’ ““ _‘. W “:h“’t“‘“ proposed changes to gas prpehne ~afv:ty
lucr1l|on~'." The |nvcsl|galIon rs ongoing. 5“"‘Y °d""T’h°[‘ f”‘f‘f”‘““’ “ _ regnlanons that ongmalcd in Angus:
On November 14, 21:13, NTSB rssned an °°“‘""‘“° d “‘d‘“f“d““l"‘““’l‘;”h T 21311, Maybe pr1rL~ of «he final rule
urscm Sam)’ Recvmmmdmmn Report "°““_'}“" ““ h"‘°“°bc““f‘ U“ ‘"3" Dd “‘ wrn be pnhhshed in 2019. sornenrne.
(SRR) By then, more mfozmallon was Md ‘ °““‘ “"2 ““ ‘’ °‘‘° ‘“ progress takes a LONG umv:

,, . . \ . procedure. were followed

“““““"'“ T1“ ”Y”‘““ °"”"’°”°‘"“ unm next umc, rernernher that .1 rs
damaged 131 smrenrres, mcludmg at pm, da,p,.e hm cm”... (1 manor mud‘ Mm to bi a Ms W Emmi
least five harm that Wm dcslmyvd comprehend anyone mvolvnd wanung mm to not qmm be Emmi enough
In the my of L-wrcr-tr and thc mwm chrngs lxkn tlu~ to happen on then

of Andover and Nurth Anduver Mm‘! warrh — no rnauer their role), very bad 1; sornednng does not seem nghl, SAY
or the damage was a resnh of stmctum ,},,,,g, happened or Do sorneunngz a

fires Igmled by gas-hreled apphanees. 7

Several srrnenrres were dcslmyzd by WM‘ 4°C» “ “'1 "'°"“- "‘}f'“:“f “'3: ’f"‘ _

natural gas expiosrons. one person Perm‘ WC A’-L mm mm 9» 0*‘ /arm [ucabz renmijmm PHM5/i.

was killed and at luaat 21 rndmduals, mNfl|<C»~ WM W16 ham» hwhflfifiéflr ror qucsiznvzs Dr m:rmm1I5,crmzII
mcludmg Iwo firefighters, were "'W‘<E~ Wm "M6 (“T ' “T 1“ 9;‘ jjzzcobzlvllsbrgloh/1I.m'I

rransponed to the hosprral. seven oLhex have bmn many) addc up to a mm 2

firefighlexs reeewed mmur rnnrries." °“t=°m°-

why drd tlua happen’ How can srnnlar T1-C NTSB will Probably finhh 1'» rfpvfn 
Mm. be Pmmmd m the mm? The sornenrne nerr year. NTSE wru |ddLnl|l{' 6 3 7 5 9 2 ‘
purpose of Lhe NTSB rnvesnganon h to nur-v=mu~ wmnb-"ms fact? an WI  .
answer rhe.e rwo one.-nons mg: ;:):-lf":'f1:;?:g;j“::j"°- 5 1 2 3 ‘ 5 8 7
Inmy when,.a.aryrap,opa.ea _; HHIIH
human cum. Cast Iron P‘P° wan buns and enacted. W|ll prpehnes be any 9 
replaced with modem, mlmble Plum: aafez’ I hope so. Tl\r1lsiIld,lfI1'1I: new .2 

x 11. . lalmn that the - - 1 he ean 53

p-pe. ere us ~pecu regnlanons are so tomplnx nan y ,

cx-at-ng Pm~'»-M in-~'or~' were left m be understood Lmly by rnr1rvrr1oa1s with A 
Plate on the old pivn M-dt1\en=w pipe years cf lrammg or by «he rndrvrdnals ag 
dml not have s-m-lax pmsum ~=nwr> who created them m |he I-int placn, g 

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