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D t h 1 gy of g
h f th .  . d 1:
warns Mam Size]:
hen rt rornes to leak
‘ A I deteeiion, l-learh
consultants is a
company that knows
what us doing. one reason this
cumpany has been in business for the
past 35 years is they are constantly on
the lookuul for new and lnnovzllive
Iachnolugy to bung to their clients.
Paul wehnert, senior vice president
of sales and marketing, says, "Each
- — e - ieehnology has to be at least as good
— : , ( as the one that earae before." so you
A —— —- A can bet that when Heath began to use
:- _ _, — uAvs (unmanned aerial velucles) or
~ ,1  ii  g V .. . "dmn£.~‘", they had been thoroughly
7, 9, - ‘-V r - tested and the numbers had been
_ run
‘ About four years ago, l-leath
— consultants and Physical srienees,

Inc. were awarded a Deparunent

of Energy grant meant to develop

' I innovative technology to reduce
Q greenhouse gas emissions The
C . oblccl was to find new uses for
- Enslmg Iechnulngy so the eornpanies
‘V'‘''‘. ' set to M ork to create a new it a
. r r y of
_/ .r- ~‘ , rnspeeiing pipeline rights-or-way for
_ ‘ ‘ leaks and damage
. ' _ ‘ " combining Heath consultants’
. ' _ portable leale detection hardware
3 V. ' O, ‘ u ' with Physieal sciences, lne  lnstant
' Eye ieehnology and rnounung thern
~ on a deelassinerl military drone

proverl to be a winning eornbrnauon.
"We were able to rninratunre the
ieehnology and put it on a drone to
do inspections Vla the air along R-0-
ws, prunanly wllh narural gas."

But leales are not the only tlung these
drones are handy for. Aeeording

__ -' ‘ ‘ to Paul, ’’They can rleieei leaks
- =»  " on ihelrne, but auhesarae iirae,

wllh the cameras, you can monitor
eonstruerion or eneroaehrnents

by landowners or construction
cnmpam2~'." This isatum saves
rnanpower that would otherwise be
requrrerl to walk the ennre length of
a pipeline.

Previously teehnierans equipped
wnh gas rleieetion devices on their
persons would have walked the line

4 . Texzsall 2219. Vssuel °°””””E" “N "MW

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