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a poor working relationship That costs real dollars in

productivity and impacts the bottom line.

And a also Creates a problem «or the excnvaturs whn 3 0 A R DWA '- K

21211’! rrylng to shnrl-cut the system. Here's how The

locators are working a route of «ickets, but when they ge«

an emergency request, «hey «ypically have a short «ime to

respond. laecause they are pulled away [mm the routine

or normal locate request, it can well be two to four hours PIPELINE PARTNERS’

out ui «heir day (depending on how far «hey mus« drive).

That puts‘ them further behlnd their schedules for the . u

 Wm, .,, .0 .,., ., ,,g..._ Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
so ynu can see «he frustration of «he excavator who now is com mitted to operating
has workers and eouipmen« waiting fur pain« or flags on

«he ground. At this point. i« is easy to become frustrated ' '

a« «he loca«or, and some«imes righ«ly so. However, when plpeline assets In a safe’

a loca«or gets pulled off their regular route ui routine reliable a nd complia nt
noket requests by lust a couple of false emergency

reques«s, it irustrates a 1m ui people I assure you tha« ' '

most of «he loca«ors l've «alked to over «he past «wen«y man “er and Pr°V'd'ng

years are as frustrated as is the zxcnvatur waiting fur «he -

mm the highest level of

wha« is «he solutiun7 is «here some«hing «hat can be customer service,

done «o reduce «he number of false emergencies being

°““‘“““7 /fl |oAIll>wAl.K

Nllilv \‘:I\ tllt-l‘(\mlj_~lll GULFSOUTH
In lw (‘ 1 \ ll ])(‘ I lil I l I(‘\‘  mmmnmm M
iI\~(l(‘IiIl(‘(l\\lll|1&Il\(‘ '
(‘lII(‘l‘u(‘ll(‘l(‘\. A  ©GUll'-CROSSING‘
'  mstmt

some say «here ough« «o be civil penalnes associa«ed with ,’ ‘A __ L, w‘_ _ x or ' °‘ RDWALK '
«alse emergencies. Enfurcemenl is certainly a possibili«y. +—a_ '
Already, there are states looking to implement fines «o 

«hose whu shor« cu« «he system Mwflwwua M
others still believe there needs «o be a bigger push for

educatmn and face-ID-face dlaC|.|.~‘SlDII.s‘ tn find common

ground be«ween the excavators who call these in.

«he rams who are lmpacled and he ...aay  “.’.A.".'.’..".!a...“'-".


rm «old «hat emergency reques«s (valid and invalid)  E;___"~"-'-;-3- ,

make up approxinlately 10% of «he tulal volume of locate

riokets on a daily basis and that «here is a pattern to «alse 5

emergency reques«s. Muoh of the time. false emergencies :,

are predictably fmm the same en«i«y or regiun It's just ”

mostly the way they've learned «o do business.

I hirther believe that most everybody wakes up every ‘K

day and in«ends to do a good jab. Idun’l believe they

want to create problems for everybody around «hem. If mm whats helaw.

that's true. then maybe we do need to find ways «o talk Gall hctomynudlg.

«o another about «he impac« we all have on eaoh other.

Let's work «ogether to solve this problem.

And if we find someone who lust cloesn'« wan« «o ge«

along wi«h anybody, one who doesn'« care nbou« «he

diiiacultres they create for everybody else. le«'s work

«ogether «o enforce a behavioral change.

Thars why they s«ill enioree speeding laws .. i«'s «he

only way you can ge« some people to slow down. '

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