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You Be the Judge!
e usi eoni leied ihe
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longeslu.s ierleral ~ 0“ evem-M-en-g ow many lknoiir lhaveheen hard on congress
partial governmenl ~1‘“te:°‘~'m 4‘: Ye“ 2h:-k We: the 7 in ihis ariiele. Thai said, the good
shuidown in hislory. Peep Er wou see i I at were I e the news is ihai we in ihe us. have ihe

laased on the news reporis, ihere is a Che ‘M Shel e‘ Cuhgree e ‘h’3Yf'h°“1d best form of governirieni in ihe world
possihiliiy lhai ihere may he anolher in er-Ivy the same reUre_mem benefit‘ and The bad news is ihal we can't even

ihe not-tuo—di~'tnnl riiiure heeflh Insurance °Pt_|°“~' the‘ ‘he reel get along with ourselves even ihough

, ‘ 0f the lwvulauon ehwy» and Dhey the we are all hypoihetieally all seeking to

Wm‘ }‘“PP*“’ d“““E “ ‘}‘“‘“‘°""“7 aame ‘ewe iinprove while safety should never lie
"Nan2s'senlial” federal employees are , g ' d ’ ’ . C .
hirloughed. What is a riirloughz That Whe‘ “Dee Lhh have ‘O ‘*0 With Safety?  Sn °:,gm°
depenrls. Generally, it is an unpaid 1"" ‘hm We 8°eS 0“ eve“ e‘“"“$ " am,‘ dc it at am, V V

leave oiahsenee. some federal agencies government »~'huld°Wh- The famous ‘

(e.g, TSA) required Lhelr BTW — The PHMSA’s
employees work wilhoiii pay. ‘\ cas Pipeline Advlsnry
some iederal employees <e.g., ~_ coanmiiiees (<:PAc's)
Air Traffic conirollers) are ' ,“,_.. lalesl round ui hearings
required by law to eoniinue _ . :\_ ‘T '_ ‘ IA regarrling proposerl

io work even ihough ihey _ ,.,,/,  — 3‘ A .3 ._,‘ i ;i W ‘ ehanges in gas pipeline
are on slnke and not gelling i /‘ Pi  ‘  ' ‘ ‘ sareiy regulations Lhai
pairl For employees living V‘ ‘ ,5. ~ ‘ i ‘ ml, ‘1 _ 7 1 \ originaied in Angus: 2011
pay check (1: pay cheek, ihe ‘ 1 V ‘ ‘,__ ..A‘_j7-“_-L 3 3 Yb 1 '_-,3?‘ :'—.:Y; M X 7 were posrponerl laeeause
;.,,i.,.,g}, V]flg.fl“d§‘|ll‘S.fl ,,  1 . ._ _ ,_i_ 11“ H‘ M L‘ —oiihe shuldown and have
major problem. As a former 3 - ‘V’ _ ‘ 3 i‘.'. I g I I , a l ' iv.‘ EDI, as ofllllida \;s'l:lfil1Cg,
federal employee, l have been , -‘s._i_.__ - _ ' een rese ie u e . an
ihere and done ihai. It is you say eiieelive in 20207
NOT iiinll The only goorl news is that, M M h V M h _L Y) NEVER Be mfg out mm” .

invaiaalily, back pay and heneiiis (such 1- “P 3 5 urlr y »~ aw

as earning vncatlon and siele leave) “hes a Veeflfwh 0' see‘ an furk>ush- Mm [mm mmfmm PHMSA

ale Prevldee‘ eve" *0 these emvlevees ’‘°“‘“““‘‘ °“‘‘ “"""‘“» 1”“ b“““‘‘ For HESIIDVIS ar clzlummts riaaii
who did not work At leasi Lhe aiieeled Consrese 1» not dvmg its lob am! I MZWSM [ml W l *
Empluym my ‘D mmz Emmy mm ierleral employees such as Fl-\A Incident ll 3 -

Wholz invesiagaiors, PHMSA pipeline saiely

irispeelors, OSHA invesngaiors and

The word ihal gives me hearlhurn NTSB invesligaiors are ”lock£d uul"

 "nuneesemial " Is an employee  does not riiean that accldents cannot flllflflflfl
"nonesseniial" and can be riirloughed and will noi happen. Furihermore, 
(L2, ia locked out from perfunmng ihere is no way ihai them are enough 5 
iheir iohs unlike TSA employees and air ,eg.,im,y pa,...,..,.Ei 0; any ma .., 3

traffic eoniroiiersl diinng a sliiridown, be everywhere looking over YOUR '9, HEB
Why are they there In Ihe firet place? shoulder to tell you lhat ivhai you are +3 
(That was and 1» a fhetvncnl questiun ) doing may he unsale. Your sareiy and g 
ln my view, the firs: people to lose ihe saieiy of those around you is YOUR 9-

WY ehuuld be every single member resporisiliiliiyl Please, please, please -2 
DfCong'rE.~'s and all of iheir siaic. They do noi rely on your governmenl to do g 3 3 5 4 9 7 2 i
should all lose pay and heneiiis uniil ihe righi ihing or proleel you imrn your vi 6 - 7 2 5 3 p 9 3
ihe issue is resolverl and lhai loss awn maie_.,..a,.,.

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