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rd you know?
The average sa1e1y hard ha1 ruerghs abou1 14 ounres The
avnrage man's head wergh. 14 pounds. so 1here's an ounce
of sarery fur every pound o1 head 7 provided 1he head

pro1eeuon rs proper1y worn and mainlamcd

The hrarn rs 1he conlml een1er of 1he body. The sl1g11lesldam21g£Io

any par1o11he brarn w1llc21usc rnauuneuon ui some area ui 1he body.
The shun, under nonna1 c1reurns1anees, pro1ee1s 1he bmin But when

a po.sr1nh1y of myuzy from fallmg or flying ob,ee1s errs1s, addruona1
pro1eeuon rs requrred.

Hd1- n.I'd 11 -1.  .1’;

2- Edwrmi V\/hwhy BMW Uf W hke rnarhrnery pipes equrprnen1 and iorrns. Non-rondue1rve hard hars
U5 C“’W'W W M WWX “W W’ pro1ee1 you fzu/m e1er1rrea1 shock and burns. Never wear rne1a1 hard ha1s
5‘“’1’;‘g ”’[‘h"':1"l:;z’g’lfI':£fV ""’"”‘"" around elecmcal work.
1n 7 o .

How To CARE ma 1-mm 1-114-1-s

The be11er care you 1ake of your hard ha1,1he be11er care .1 W111 1ake o1
you. Here are some suggestions:

1 1-roper1y adyust su~p2n~1on ~y~1Ems Io mainlam e1earanee between
your head and 1he she11o11he ha1

2 Don't cut ho1es for yen1r1auon. Don't hea1 and bend.

3 Don’! subs1r1u1e a "bump cap." They aren't sliong enough

4 Don't paml your hard ha1

5 Don'IpulanyLh1ng under 11 exeep1 your head, thus rndudes c1gr1rett2.s

 or nulebuoks.
' e Dun’I wear 1| backwards.
sow common COMPLAINTS AND -1'1-115 REAL '1'1zu'1'1-1
, 4' V * y we somehrnes hear 1he following eornp1arn1s abou1 hard ha1s But is
/» A; “V 1here any rea1basrs for them?
' “ 31 - ”II'~' 1oo heavy." Hard hars are on1y a few ounce.-1reayrer1han a e1o1h
, '  . cap, bu1 1he extra pro1ee1ron you gel as wunh 1he extra we1gl1t.
1‘ y - -'11’. 1oo hot.” Mea.-urernen1s taken 1n ho1 wea1her show 1ha1 1he
1.11 . — 1ennpera1ure under a hard ha1 rs onen roo1er 1han 11 as ou1srde.
' \ y - "11 gryes me a her1d.1ch2.”AIhump on 1he head horn sometlung
w r as a en two oors W1 we on a worse one ere rs, oweyer,
h oh h 1 11 11 11 E y Th h
1 qt“. no mcd1cal reason why a propedy ad,us1ed hard ha1 shou1d cause a
a I headarhe. Don't a11er 1he suspcnuon system or 1he hard ha1, beeause you

won't ge1 1he desrgned pro1ee1ron.

- "11 wun’l s1ay on." You're nghl, 11 won't 1n a high w1nd.A rhan scrap
wl so ve 1us ro em. 1 erwrse, you W1 n 1 a1 a ar a1 ~Ia '3

1111pb1 Oh V llfidh hdh y

put no rnauer how much srooprng or bcndmg you have to du—ii1l'~'
a11ed proper1y.

- -'11's noisy." Thavs your 1mr1g1nat1on. 1n 1ae1, 1es1s show 1ha1 proper1y
worn hard hn1s W111 shre1d your ears from noise 1o sorne er1en1.
us1s1.1ass - UNLESS you WEAR 11'

The hard }1aIi~ a u.eru1preee of sa1e1y equ1prnen1. But like any o1her
pro1eeuye deyree, r1 rnus1 be proper1y ad,us1ed and warn and kept rn
good cundiuon 1o give you max1mum pro1ee1ron.

Don't be a hard head — get in 1he hard ha1habr1.fl

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