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Dlrector of Damage Prevention
A glimpse ofwhut to expectfor 2019
hen leoleng threugh the ln the cast: of the DIRT report, tho.e In the field, tarry-nlz the mewlze I0
elretronary anel x-lndrng .tatratre. are natronwrde. contractor» and the general Pubhc
‘H: “':’d ‘l"“"l3‘h“'; whrle both outlet. are great re.-ouree. Texasxll al.o otter. a number ox onlrne
'“ ‘" ““ ‘°“ “ xor elata In therr ewn nght, Texa.s11 damage preventren trarnmg. xor
a number ox cxplzlnatloru fur the
Wm and M mmm Wm. mm ha.- aeee.-. to the large.t .-ouree ex tho.e whe are looleng xor .emethrng
I I ‘d 5’d I U k reported, stale .peeu'-re ene eall rlamage sclf—pr1r;L‘d er the.e whe may be m a

anrerpae,preee e,an avera mae _ Y ,_ ‘l ‘H 1”‘ “(Dd
an flppcmnm My mom gmupmgg data natrenally. we would be cmz) E,U’g”P“C‘ 3' cm er-tzms "U I‘

,, ,, not to rneerporate that mxormatron to l mentron the onlrne trarnrng has al.o

Te aet ahead ox. Am r. the verb that
hone our xoen. From the netrheatren. been deemed celel sheyel Ccmx"lcd7

eatehe. my eye and prone. my rntere.-t T_ an H d _ V1 1

whrle rt .-eem.- llkc a very .rmple word, "" ‘ml ' “f ‘“_" t“1“_‘""‘ff;‘ “° ‘ ln addrtron to all or the elata anel amen.-
ln Lhc aaraage prcvcntlon lndu~try lt s=l°r<§‘f)*$ "§”;;§ '; mm ;"-“fr we are laklng lo lnflucncn change, 
ean, at tlmca, be ea.y te lo.-e .rght ex W1“ W‘ ‘f’ “ " > “ “":_3° “"1. al.e eneenrage our member.-hrp te
what Lhc word mcana. To me, the "te '[""“”[3’1’“"d°““‘P"“["“‘ V:,‘“5 ““l_ ohare damage data wltlr u.- U.-mg what
act" mean. te pet ln metren te rnlluenee   our member. provrde glvcs u.- a dlmtl
or axxeet an outeome It’. malerng an {h ‘h h\ I k h\ ‘ up _k I — ‘ ‘ path te edneatrng anel trarnrng those
rntellrgent anel edueateel eb.ervatron, ‘ '5 “ "’ “‘ ‘“ ‘ ‘ “ ° whe are elamagrng therr utrlrtre.

then maklng a deer.ron and pettrng an whrle mueh ex the rnxermatren anel We mm mm , gcmdmd um “mm on
aetron rnte plaee to erther promote er data we are eurrently worleng wrth , ‘ ’ ’ ‘ . ‘
Pmlubn that outcome. r. een.rdered raw wrth the value ox "”l““ '}‘" ‘‘‘‘"‘‘‘5" ‘’‘"‘’",'“'°" '"d““""

the rnxermatren en a Tera.sll loeate " “"5 hm‘ "‘ Tm" "'° °"1"b°“""

The euteome we are woxklng tor r. K _ 1 f to dlstum what Tcxr1~811 anel eur

zero damage. ln the slate ofTcxr1~ l ‘“q““‘ ‘“”““‘‘‘‘5'  ‘“ °"““_"°“d member.lup r.- dorng to reach our goal.
aumctlmm pan.-e axter .aymg that. “ 5°‘“3 ‘f’d“f’‘?‘‘“‘{“ } f"‘P’°}V1: “E” Forbmvlty’~ .-alee, I'll end by .-ayrng
zete damage.-7 some would st1yll’~ ’““3’dP“"‘ ‘ """‘f 't‘““ ‘l‘f“$ *d°L’h_ lhl~: we under.tand that Tera. r. a
rmpo.-.rble. l mrght be rnelrneel te agree ;‘f’ $;‘fi“5°‘P’§f‘_‘;‘ ‘°" “““ ““ ‘ mon.-ter ox a .tate. we al.-o under.tanel
wrth them However, rx our goal a. an ‘*1 "‘”" "‘ ‘P' that rt r. rmpe..rble te be everywhere
organrzatren anel a damage preventren so I've addxcmud the where and what at once I-etu~1\e|l> you Let Ha helv the
rndu.try ls'n’l zere damage.., then we ox our data. VVL"vc talleed about our -nduatry In smvms Io rearh our goal of
are .-ellrng our..elve. .-hort. geal ox zero rlamage.. Naturally, the zere damage..

ln 2019, Tcxr1~B1l louk~ te play a mayor q“f:““‘°“"’i1 H°f;’,,“" W“ ‘““"“‘ “’ For more rnxormatron on our damage
role m worleng te aehreye the goal ex ‘“ “‘““ ‘ ““5‘- preventren program and eur geal.
zero damage. te undergreunel Iltlllllea. There are a number of way. that for 2019, pie-he Contact your retzwml
The final .tep xor Tn><a~2$11’~ damage Tuxa»811, our member..lnp and the DPC Tera.-all elamage preventron manager
preventron program r. bcnthmarklng 1_»fTcxr1~ ean rnnnenee change wrthrn atDPM<x0Tvw811-vlll-

damage data anel looleng xor trenel the damage preventren eemmunrty. _

analy.r. wrthm that elata There are TL‘xa>811 has five xull trme member» on L” "‘“"“5°d ‘“"“""'““"°_d"°“”’
some really wenderxul repert. and toel. our dama e reventron team The.e ‘“’“"‘ "‘ “N ""‘"“" “ml “ ‘“f”

, 5 P K envrronment xor ereayator. and the
out there te help determrne the root damage preventren manager. anel mm! “mm Wmkm H) mm W
eau..e ex a elamage. The CCA’~ DIRT [acllltatun tovcl thou.and. ex mllca g P ‘ 5 5‘ '
ean all have a hand ln edeeatrng and

report anel prpelrne damage preyentron aero.-.. the .-tate sprcadlng the go.pel ox mflumcmg buhmm .

.tatr.-tre.- xrem the Rrulroad Commhslun safe elrggrng. our damage preventren

oxTexa. are beth valuable .-ouree.- ox manager. partner wrth our mumbcrshlp W gym

rnxennatren to detenmne root eau.e at on n:quL‘~t anel are, m e.-.enee, an D,,.g,a,a,nm,g. a,m,,.,a

enelergronnd etrlrty damages ln Tcxr1~ erten.-ren ex our ntrlrty owrrereperator. Tzxsssll

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