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"‘”'“' '‘’’'’'‘’''t t'‘’ W“ “W 7 inconsiderate to all citizen regardless ot
Dalhart, Pnmpa, Amarillo, Hereford, where you live.
_ , ' . Lmlefield/Lzvzlland, Lubbock, ( L,‘ V L, , V T, , e
 . V Scmimlsl Big Swmg Mdlami and  )1” IP71" ’1:'(;a:7iit at at UK st m‘/I maui.
~ V odessa, provide compliance shared
-- services to the west TexasAtmos The Dirt tastes ditterentl Many
‘ Energy Division and the rest of the similaiities, good people are trying to
‘ l t .. Atmos Enterprise when needed, make an honeiel living cireer drifin
' Absolutely: l have always worked Ranehing economics verses naniral gas
, in businesses that cater to customer dnven/ Agriculture cotton /collegiate
. ' ; " service. it is a pleasure to serve our Degree»/Medical and Law economies
,. ‘ customers with the most etncient, sate, Having the pi-ivilege of living in many
-' clean and abundant energy source areas at the Atnm Energy We~'t Texn-'
natural gas. with that in mind, l have dwtainn has Provided insight to rnnny
, also been blessed to work with many businesses along the way. laoth areas
_ K people in the industry who share the continue tn grow and P*°‘PFY due tn
same philosophy related to safety and the Peevle who shame to hve In West
A) ‘ compliance on how we get natural Esxas. west Texans aie tun, polite,
" - gas from the production process, urnbler respectful and W111 tzwe you
r ‘ transmission process, distribution the shirt ufl their back to make you
r . process and finally to the customer's comtoriable our established DI’C’s
D " burner tip, 24 / is very humbling in the We~'t Exes regmnlineorvornte
' to be part of a community or peers all people w o possess tiose positive
and industry alike companies that atrenstha and value ~'y»~'terns
An Interwew wlth °°“~*5te'“'Y P“““e‘e the P'e"~""e “"“_ vi/rut rm‘ ulvm l})LVl(X’1l‘.H, ht-lays, and
°"““‘"‘ °‘ °“’“5Y “‘"‘ °"'“°“"“° 5*“ aiitltrstaitdittg v/vtiiir miiastri/7
John V ‘ agner “ken Em Emma This sounds like a loaded question...l
wltat LILY you rcc I11 tlic livid that ulhrrs behm m Peuplz and when EM“ ‘he
.<hm(ll1 know rllvlnll° Thc Xilod, hurl, mid Dwummy my Em do anything they
wltat Cumpmw dti VAHA that /av’ "W set-forth to de in their hves My tnnnly
cued, ppgpje who believe ,,, at home and work have helped to mold
A‘"‘°° E“’“EY providing quality of lite tor not only me into a good person in the world we
How [ting hum’ we lAYLV1KA'Ai]0V /‘M11757 their companies and tamilies also tor hve In todnyr thanks tn the Good lord
customers who are blessed to have abnve» My wtter Snznnner and I are
35 yem natural gas as their energy tuel of high school sweethearts and have been
who is mm: plhhthtlrl M , choice. tsjltiethij If°rl:°u{:nnt§ ;:'j;:>1'a';;:'hvi
current Position - compliance Bed: There 1» “‘W“Y‘' that *0“ D‘ the we like tnghzive spirited tun, and chifose
Analyst, career positions held - service, dice when excavate“ like W‘ 0"? to have an attinidc ot gratinide. we
Foreman, otnce Manager, Operations mere huekel 0‘ 4"‘ WW" the t°‘°{"“°° are blessed to work tor a company
supervisor gene and that 1;“ demgt; Y???“ "‘ that operates un rive simple principles
ama es o un er roun aci i es.
Hurt‘ ttwx m ”'1‘t"t["»*"7!/ 7 lts 'inEazing the stfilistinl data ‘hm hm beg" ("ugh m "‘ by mnfly
t t t t t , , members, coaches and mentors along
35 pm bases (ie DIRT 7 SGA) still indicate ‘hg my They am Mm a Dmmm,
I’\/hm art’ i run (Mk: rm l/rir ili at rt . > apPmx'mml" 40/" D‘ }'°m°°W"m b"“5 °“‘ ““ 5°“ ‘“ °”‘°”r b“ “‘ Y‘“"
./ V t lt tam; n n will not make a call to 811 before > bee,’ mm, an ‘M mm and imp,“
Damage Prevention, operator ehgztnrg eneh one of theee nee! mm?» trust. Executing our beliets in the
Qualitications, Fire Fighter Liaison °°“1d “"59 "“!°"'Y Ifimtfimttens golden rules ot lite continue to let us
Training, Leak survey coordination, ‘D’ “C” ““‘Y_ “'2 h°"''=°W“_€t dents have the privilege to be part of the
Railroad commission Field ‘h? E’‘‘“‘’“‘“’'‘ 5"‘ ‘°’ “"3" 9"”? thriving, vibrant industry or natural gas
coordinator/lnspeetions, compliance ““S“"“"°°°‘ "“d "“"9- and uil we stand on the shoulders or
data review, Fleld specialty /Quality ugly peopie M. f,,ii,,wmg Chime, lg many others who laid the intrastmcture
control Audits, DLM (Distribution and 151 miee ,,, me gym of TM. and of our business needs and systems.
lntegiity Management and AHOC .},,e.,Ei,,,.,t Noni, America. pumie we have the direct responsibility and
trainer tor various programs met). re e\,e,y,,,,ei, ,e,p,,,,,,y,,i;.y, accountability to pnitect and replace
used internally and ertemally tor when thzfiz mie, a,e M. mpen genougiy those investments to keep energy
contractors. and /0, me Mmpiy ,gm,,ed, ,, 3, available for generations to come .
s . Texzsall 2019, !sslt:2

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