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Jessa Torres
V Damage PIE‘/mmor Mmgm
an  _ Swthcasx Tues
. Damage PrL~\'L~ntmn and appmxlmntuly 375 attcndcca lll-ml<~ to Andy’ Heel and Dmd
Munagun, our mam .~ and ::\1nct()gcthL*r m unyoy an uducauu|\ Delgfld“ 0' l’lam~ All Amenean fer the
axway. ha~ bean SAFETY fillcd day :nn~I~kIng of a backhoe exeevlllml werk they put In In the
Bun whun we get together mdcn, JIYCHCI1 “my dcnmnalrznlon, evem llwe-lld not have been a weee»

In “wk and bung m 2| mg hmcr lxkc A mutilated pipeline nlptum and an ll ll Wm M ll" ‘HM We gentlemen»
Plzum All /\mcn::\n, our mumbmlup cluclmumun dc1nun~tmmm All us 0-" feel» and -Illenlmh l> filreelly

(an expat! great thmga. we 1.»fTcx:\.~ thew dL~nmn~lm[mn~ and cducalmnal l-lmmg le -lexlyem and we lmve In
wnrkx dlhgcntly to educate and [mm ~u~~|()n> help uducalc and ~urvu .:~ lme <1 blazer mmem filled e»em We
cxcmmr. and cmumcmx. xu that l1l'hIl’II‘L‘l’>f()l’ mm who work around Me l>e.Wmll emled ler wlml'~ -xlve-rd
everyone can work ~amly and get home Imdcrgmund unlxty Imam. and leek lerw-ml to next year» We lwve
mtlmlrfnnulyand loved 0nc~. Earlier T 1 _ lmee ye" all there C

«In. month the Englu Ford Shall: emery °"“"”‘ “"“ “° DP“ “‘ 70'“ ‘”"“‘d

my “W MN m Cm“ WM TN‘, 1114:‘ m take a nmn1cntt0g1\.c ~pcC)al

A can susenomu. PARTNER EVENT
‘ ' so ' ' V
'  .49; 3’ -. ‘A’. ‘ 4,’ '1 — e%1v>q_“_,_-D
“ I .. 1’ ‘T ‘Q:  A‘
February 24 — 26, 2020
2019 lssuu 3 mm; . 9

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