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The nun-profit ts funded largely by $300, but htanehes an: able to offer up  
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hosted by vauous orgt1n|zauuna— ‘“ ‘ “ ‘° ““ L ‘” "“ ° ° “"‘ '“ "Wdvn ealseal a, even

_ __ _ _ and plan to expand to all so states In h H L}.

corutxuctlon mmpanles, suppllers, ‘he H ‘ C I I A ‘l_ general publlc, V» 0 am sntpnsed em
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Glbb~, recently hosted a fundrahlng ncxl level. , ,
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event |n Mlehlgan that ealseal mun: , L
The urgamzatlon has helped famllles Ihn orgzmlzallun s wehslte at uYl(ll(l,
than $20,000 for the urgamzatlon. He l~
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Our Community. Our  Call 811 before you dig!
Vlsir www.sI|uII.uI/pipeline or www.¢a||BI Lcom
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