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lay vltglms trearaes
me Po/rm’ Ceuler
Jracksuu Ms
nee we had a tavrarrte 10% In:rL‘aan—an EMod et 1 1—wlthin then he hrred new people. what krnd
rns-rrranee erastomer. yes, 3 yuan. That’~ a tr.»tr1l3U% hrt ran therr et trarnrng drd he grve these gIIy~7
hrs premrrrms were pretty wrarkers romp rates alrane. Plra.s, the Drd they ever attend a salety nreetrngt
hrgh, but the man's- erampany preperty cazncx rarsed therr dedraetrlale Then, oh wew, one et them hrart hrs

never ever had a elarm. He even had to :s5tmll, and they get therr aratra back.

Em: Expurlcncu Mud on hrs werkers eeverage drrapped. The worst thrng that The Wmkm km mm mm from ‘he

omp That means he had a 20/., can happen rs te have yorar rnsraranee
dmmm 0“ am I _bc hx _“ d _ _ d N b d managcmL‘nl—whcxn lcadrsnhlp mrrst
. gorng ra es earrse e eanre e er non renewe . ra ra y be m In M mmm mmm V and

was elarm tree lor several years. Our wants yora when thrs happens 5‘ ' H Y H m I d __ 1’ ,3 f

gray even had darly satety meetrngs “Pm” 3 "‘ “ “ ‘“ ‘T “ °

Am lmakrng my prarnt hem? olavrrarrslv, lcadcnlup wrll eost yen m1.»ncy—r1

Net lnng, but every day. He s-ard he h‘ M V 1 h _ d d 1 — ‘ «

lnamcd that from hrs mead. on. en err :1 *3 kg“): N‘ _‘t '* “§“d“_ “ *3!  '|;“;f_';'°1"=»'- ‘gm <5";  W;“‘}j1“?5
"5“ r.:h’t ‘Z53 .$::.:r":?; "dAnQc:f::a::§l!iug ~o:lc:1\fll;lg  §a.rT;"t§ g§E‘.:;:; ”
The man deerded to retrre, and he that these things l1a[;pnn" wa~'n’l the Anylhmg ean and et rerrrse, rt wrll.
named the management of the hrrsrnes-s laest hrasrness apprraaeh atter all M _l L}. ‘

ever to a mlatlvc, one who had actually Ci‘ '3‘1‘E’:“"d°° °1°"‘1f"“_':’ at l
werked wrth the cmw. The new a “" “ ‘ ‘“ “‘ ““" "‘ “°“ ‘°

_ g _ . departments that send errt nsk erantrnl

manager randersteod the larasrne.s.s, and,

 a rclauvc, had a stake In Lhc tarsrness ‘ §“>'~ I; °b*°{Vf1“°‘~’g°;* df }~’f1{“;'°" r..rtl.eaaore,l.e ' r W “f§5“k“’“’l 3 °' 33 U; W
had plenty of good ldeas about how to c‘“'_ “:T““  mi‘ Em _C°’§‘ ‘’ 3°?‘
laestrrs-e the shy hour» per week he had °P‘” ‘°"" ‘ “°° “‘ ““ P“ '’

r yorar rnsraranee prratertrran

allratted ta hrm.

The npmmn mynd may hwy _ ll yrarr don't have trme tor tl1t1l—mo~l
laeearrs-e, tmthtrrlly, thrs wr1~n't the sort . °""‘P““““ ‘““‘"'“‘" “ "‘“‘“° “b‘“’>'
eraaaaess that harr a lot at cumpnutlon ;“**1*;=i°"jPfl"»""5 b*°§‘;"*=§»;P=t
but had a lot oi pessrlarlrtres The new ' ““ "“ ‘ W“ C“ ‘“q““ ““ ‘ ‘“
manager nxpaludud and hrred a tew 3’°‘" "W" ’“““3’ ‘“““"“$“>

mere lelks tn meet thrs demand lt yrarr have had srarne elarms and yorar
And hf wwnd M mm), mm“? rates have gone rap, the erampany wants

_ le knew that you are tryrng te rmpreve.
laeearrse, well, hrs guys were seattered «
, , 1 g _ . Reqrrestrng satety vrderas and laroehrares

all rarerand drdnt rave trme to nan I “P hid I

rntra the rattree tor an hmlzor s-orrrst tn “ “ ‘ “P ‘“ ‘ ‘'9 ““ ‘°“'

gra ever the same eld stran they had all The mo mmgmwm appmflhm weak Your rempany and the rnsnranee
heard rrme and trme agarn. [M lhcm~dm 7 cm W the Job dam erampany are a partnershrp where each
what happened next? It started wrth an and the ether tarled. Mrseralaly. b°“““;‘ "°t"' *1“ ‘"13" ":“f"‘$““‘$
°“‘“""’““‘ ’"‘“" ‘“'°““"" °""‘P “‘“““’ semehow these tlnn s drd nrat hr en ? gm Wt hm ma’ m “f < rm?‘ f
then there was an raeeasronal tender. ' ’ 5 ‘PP °‘ 3"’“" "“’“‘ >°“ "‘°“‘> “"“ '

when the eld grry was nannrng the that only means vran dra NOT get an
laender arrto elarm. The workers were , —
show. They srrre drdn t want to have tra rnerease) and rt hrrrlds a levalty so, rt
srare glad, they .sard, that the new gray —
Dxplaln hraw they damaged the tnaek 7 you have a serreras less, the eompanv
was rn eharge, laeearrse he undnntuod 1 —
_ _ _ same row, thvy managed not to tear up pays rt wrthorrt rars-rng yorar rates or
that semetrmes these thrngs happened ,
that tnrek They also, sramehew, drdn t nunemncwlng yea the next renewal.

Aerew memlaer dehnrtely drd not want C‘ mm m fikwmkm mm (‘mm

to have tn erplarn tn the eld gray hew 3 ’ P ’ ‘ Those men wrark trar you—lcadL‘hhlp
he barked rntra that other tnaekz Ne, srrl They managed te get the wrark drane rs what lets them knew what yen

even therrgh they had to attend tlrrase erpeet and how yrm erpeet rt dene. Let
There were twra small shrap hres
satety rneetrngs. Darly satety nreetrng.s. them knew that satety rs- yrmr larggest

N“'”‘“ M "‘““" “‘“"“$“' b‘‘‘ ”‘‘‘>' Atrrek the rald rrv learned fmm hrs y r ttl d Lh‘

trled the elarms anyway And rt srrre 5 —. ‘ ’ °‘’““‘“ °“ “ ““ ‘““ “" ‘

— — , ['ncnd~ ran the rarl rags. For years that eqnrpment rn rane preee at the end et
was a shame alaoral that new gray s laaek _ , . .
larasrness drdn thave any lrasses and rhe day
‘"’“’Y"“‘“$‘ therr rnsraranre rates went dewn
_ _ V _ ll’~ ]II~t gorad larasrnessz 5
Bottom hm, they net only therr
, when the new gray torak raver and
20'/,, drseorant, hrrt wrarrnd rap wrth a dmdcd ml the wmy mm"? Wm
net werth the trme 7 hrs lesses laegan,
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