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Director of Damage Prevention
an Sparks
. DlrecmrafD.:m-lg: Pveventlan
It Takes a V11 la ge 
ow do we reduce the It takes‘ the entlrc mu oi lnduotrv We've al~1.»[ound that thus a mach
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number ofllnderground .talteholder.- to reduee damages. may be better renewed by wme of our
damages here ln Te><a~? lt’o ‘ n x H V K b I memben. In one lnotance ln Weat Texao
a quemon that rm .-nre b" “:5 “"“F_’ fksfi 311$ “"5 you‘ _ earlrer thr. year, we teamed up wrth a

r.- at the forefront of many damage N3; m": c°"“‘J{”:“d‘;t‘:‘;~_ a>fi:‘c‘1‘1"5w‘:‘t“““g‘ plpellne owner operator and had the
preventlon mrnd. aero.. the .tate It’. T‘ 8811 ’ ‘ f fa? ' oppununlty to reaeh more than lzull
certamly taken up  a. my pool U;  Pd“ {fins {W N ‘ W;  In two day~

of collectlve thlnklng In the las'tl~oue H" “Emu” u 1 1 ' Own“ “PC” on H

_ _ and ln aome m.tanee. eontraet loeattng so one mrght a.-k, How are we
of tln. magazme, we our ,,
companle~, to ereate a unrned effoxt [or 1oeu.rng our effmts? I would agree
plantar damage rednetnan rn 2019 and ,
damage pxeventlon edneatran wlth anvone . nght to ask tlu. qae.-tran
bevand. We talked about ualng lag data —
— A .-eatter.hat appraaeh mav be vreldmg

to gather the overall pretnre or damage. — —

h _ wme re.-ult.-, but we ean onlv make

ere ln Tera. and the uae of regronal _ I d I V1 I H — d V
refined data to help ldentlfy  we Wm; M“ 1“ ‘W “h “{ “fd 3"}:
ean patenttallv poatwelv lnflllence ln “ “°‘ ‘"5 “" C" W‘ ‘“’L "L ‘ ‘
/ ' ' feedback. As‘ an example, based on
th..- Noun, 1 ll take the opportumty to _ H I X f I _d
talk aboutTexa~B11’~ edneatron and ' f"‘ “T "3; '"Y";"“‘ 'f’k'}‘1‘:°f“'“f ‘
outreach, and how  can all benefit 1j;;;;1  r “ =t};1°“{  WV
trom partner.lup. ln provrdrng that °‘“ “ ‘°9““* ‘ “‘ '“ W”
there r.- a reported damage done to an
underground teleeammnnreatrnn. hne

A~ o[]une 25th, Tcxaofill Damage ln 3.98 of tho~e notlf-lcatlon~. Wlule
vreventron Manager. have had the that may vary from geographreal
opportunrty to tram and edueate regron to regron, lt gwe. u. a better
ela..e to 900 exeavatnr. and utlllty under.-tandtng of what we are up
owners on the prose» at am and agalnst. From the lnfurmatlon on the
be~t pxactleeo [or excavatlon. Thme one call notice, we can dlve a llttle
oppottunlllea were .pread out to 26 deeper and determme eountre. ln
dlfferent eountre. aero.. the .tate That wlneh tlre..e damage. are rreeurnng If
number doe~'n't even account [or the 31 we find Lhat one pamcular excavatox
Damage l-reventran cnunerl chapter group r. reportmg a larger number of
meetmg., the SOUL) plu. attendee. at damage. wrtlnn eaeh regron, we ean
|ndu~try related meenng. or trade V woxk wrth those grrmp. on the whole to
.haw. they’ve been to or the 48 Plpellne promate ~afeI excavation praettee.-, thu.
Awarene» haeon meetmg. and keepurg then worker. and the general
event. they've attended. wrth reeord pnbhe ~afeI and redunng the eo.t
brealeng one call notree. .-rgmtyrng rneurred by damagtng tho.e hne..

the mcreaung amount of exeavatlon

betng perfoxmed tn the .tate and taleng A‘ 2”” ’°“" °"' W‘ “"11 b“ ““'P‘“3 “

Eaeh .-taleehalder group bnng~ a elo.-e eye on what re.-nlt. thr.- proee..
mtu conalderatmn that Currently we
‘ K _ K _ umque per.peetrve to the table and ylelda and traeldng damage ratro. ln
~LrvL around 1801') mvtmben, thug LS a
ean offex mblect matter rn.rght ~'pec|f'lt the eannne. where we team up on
lot on the damage prevenlmn plate to .
“mum: "gm now to then teapectlve mduatne~ lt al.-o educatlon and autreaeh. We want to
’ doe.n't hurt that a repmaentatlve move that needle ln our iavol, we want

Mo.ta1u. have heard the erpre...on "lt [mm the utrlrty r. there to further to make Tera. a ~'aier plaee to work and
take. a vrllage" ln reterenee to ttuamg streia the lmponance oi keepmg we believe that thr.- r. a blg .tep |n the
a eluld well, we could apply the .ame brrth undergraund rntra.-trueture and nght drreetton. .

mentahty to underground damages. extavatoh oIIt of harm’. way.

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