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Inj ry and Property Damage
By Kama Manna
'm ~uIL‘ eyetynne rct1d1nglh|~I~ awate nt the dangus niblmd
backmg Not only t. thete the p1.»~s|bxI|ty nr lnplnng .nmenne
hnt ahn nt musing ptnpetty damage. rht. guldls WI“ ~CIvL‘ as‘ a
textentet ul safety ntea.-nte~ neeeneaty tn {Wold -mh acc|dL‘nl~


The flu! mqulrcmcnl tnt .-ate backmg x~' tn havc a ~pollL‘r, .nntenne
tn (hmck the attyet. A .-pnttet n nccL‘~~'zu'y when the dn\'CI nt
opcratnr docs nnt hm’: a mu vlcw n: the backing path and hnhh

J ttne tnt any C<\n~'lru:l|()n vcluclc nt plccc nt L‘qu|pmcnt, whethet
ttx a hateh [ruck backing up tn a pavcr, a m|XCI truck bt1:kmg|nt()
Dial a hnppet <\rh()I~tbIItkck1.»r a matenah lrutk making a dL‘l1\'cIy
Thn H the Important tn1e rnt ntnetn and opcriimhi Dnnt back up
unIcs~y<\ul1t1\/C a .-pnttet dxrccung ynnt mnvement lt’~ an Isaay
ruk‘ tn tementhet. The |mp()nant lhmg n tn nhey tt
LL-(B lalk ahnnt the .pnttet. Tht. pennn ha. tn watch nnt tnt ()khL‘r~
Mb" a.- will a~' nnt hlmscli and make sure the vehicle doc~'n’ldt1mt1gL‘
|W"""""‘ ptnpetty. T1'u~ may appear easy. It acumi that an the apumsr has tn
I V GSIIMIHVIINII-, do Is tn dlnstl a vehicle to back up when the path t. e1eat nr pcr~'1.»n~
and nh.eet. But thete ate dangcr~' Involvcd.
" " — ' SL»mL‘l|mc~' when y<\u'IL‘ a npnttet, ynn may have tn pa.-n hehtna

a vL‘h|clL‘. It ~o, flop the yehteue nnt. A~ you’IL‘ pasung behind tt,
Extend ynnt hand at atm’. length and plncc ll aga.n.t the back nt
the \'c11I:lc Then tt the vehicle ~kart~' tn mnye heemne the nttyetu
[1.»<\t~'I1p~()fftlm bmkc nt clutch pedal, you’ll he able tn tee1 the
mu\'cmcnt and gct nnt of the way

when dfluttlng the dn\/CY, .tann at the teat hnt wen tn the

_ drI\'Cl’/~ nae of the vcluclc. Tht. g1vL‘~ ynn an unobstnlclcd new
‘ I ‘ _‘ nt the entne backing path and the anyet ean .-eh ynn clearly. lt’~
r‘ Important that the dIIVL‘r IIndcI~tt1nd~' ynnt a1gn£\I~ sn get mgckhcx

wtth the dr|\'L‘I bcfnm any backing and Explain the Mgnah you
wtn n.e In thn way ynn ean he ma~ont1bly .-nte thete wtn he an
nusIIndL‘r~kandIng. Alway~ he mte tn me the sum: Mgnah tnt the
same movc~'.Ht1nd ngnah ate nmeh hettet than vocal ngnah.
heean.e nt nnne, a ahuumd ngnal may nnt he heard nt may he

BE suns mung SEEN

Alway~ he mte that ynn can he ~cL‘n. In addmon lo -tanahnn wen

_ tn the thtyetu nae of the vchlik‘, went a nnnte.-eent vcst. At mghl,
3" , don't blmd the nttvet hy shining ynnt ntnhhght In the teatvtew
‘ V . nnttnt And, day nt night, when ynn Walk hm|twata~, he eatenn
— . nnt tn lnp
., «E 3 ;2 _ .5 T1.»gI:lhI:rnc~'~1s never ~1.»|mportanlz\s when tt comm tn >p()ttL‘r~
 ' , ,‘ ,5 -‘ V  —.~-4 and dnvL‘r~‘ nt heavy eqtnpment wntktng 21¢ a team, they nnt nnly
> _ -'.,_. —  = . " ;  pmlccl ntnpetty hat the hve. nx thett tennw workers as wen.
.; 4 an - -. -p_
-— ._ ’- ~~- - _. .._» rT>1, Pmlcct y1.»IIr~'L‘U Pmklstl ynut dn\'CI. Ptnteet ynut team. 5
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