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Fosterlng an Envlronment of Commumcatlon
Common Ground Alliance brings diverse stakeholders together
511 Mmgszlnes
mt below the mrtacc In every atatv rntormatron and perspectrves and awarene.s about the need to call em
110* a labyrinth at undusmund work together on all aspects ot damage pnor to drggrng rs a pnorrty [or all
fr1Ellll|L‘~ that crl~~'uo~~' khc country. pmvcntlon Ls~uCS CCA ~{akL‘holdnI.s, all: iilld.
Sumo carrv l\zlzr1rduu~ matnnr1l~‘,
mm Mc_5;hmn,ng fmh Wm, ”Tlm ICCA rs workrng wrth rndnstry And rt you replrlesent an rndulstrv,
Em dK_y,m an amply lmpmm m stake rolder. r1ndHrL‘gulr1lox~ top}r1odoce Eompanv urtcal centeLr},‘voo untt h
mpmg W mm" mm ,om,m .trohger,hmon ‘cl Ecnv: l'L~u tdaihnlug Pfvrt o gag om wl dyzurou reac
par ncrs .p, co a ora Ion an e c or s as myrm resources

And protectrng those tacrlrtres rs of por.urt of common goals ln damage avarlable to stakeholders rntere.ted
paramount concern to the compame. pm\'cntlon," she sard. m shanng the damage preventron

that operate them, the communrtres mes.age wrth L‘x:avr1loxs and the

that depend on tho.e resource. and the ‘*1 fflttr thc CC-‘\bnrLl}l‘4> tozvtlwt 16 general pnbhc.

Pcupk who we and Wmk mm (hm dlffcmnt rndnstnes at are comnntted H

‘whim to one common goal; reducrng damage. CCA. produces a comprehensrve

g l C Pl g d
to under round lnixaslrutturc and annlm ommunlcnllom an to ul :3

But how dv-Kb a Emu? of ~'t-Ikclwldm protectrng tho.e who work and ln~e stakeholder. ln therr edneatron and

as dwerse a. hazardoo. hq-nd. near these rmportant asset., she .ard. pubhc awarcnes. errorts, along wrth
compame. and your town's water new toolkrt. that are offered at key
drstrrct come together to agree on trmes ot the year to ard .trategrc
pohcre. that help keep people sale? outreach by stakeholders," sarah
Enlcr tlm Common Cmund Alllancc . ~r1ld.

sarah K, Magruder Lyle, pre.rdent and Quarterly webrnar. create a

CEO of Common Ground Alllancc, dlaloguc about mnmbur ncnd~ and
stud by tlm late 1990s, {hum WM a ncnd mnccrm, iI~ well tn .1 way to alum
to get evervbody talkrng and bulk! N data, event opportonrtre. and new
con.ensus aroond damage preventron. re.onrce. Addlllunally, rn-person
Tluc Us Department of rraasporrann Common Ground Alllance 233:3‘$f“§;‘::‘:;:f:“3;[f1‘{::k
took up the challenge and completed to the CCA5 (0 ‘gm mg: and

the orrgrnal common cronnd study ln mnmm ' ’ ‘


"Th" may mPmL_m~_ [hf muabommc The ol'gr1n|zr1l|un’~ be.t practrces, wluch "The most rmportant fllncllon ot any

arc E0|'I~l(lCl’Cd the dufinlllvc guldc trade aswurlzlllun ls to icxvc the nccd~
work ol loo rndustrv prolessronal. who
— for underground saletv and damage ot rts member.hrp, wluch mean.
‘d"“"fi“' 9'“ 5"" P“‘“"°°’ ‘° d“"‘“5° reventron re one 1 ' mv1l ol all 15 thrtwe must lr.ten and res ond to
preventron," sarah sard. 1’ ’ ‘‘ ‘Pl’ ‘ ‘ ’ P
partrcrpatrng stakeholder group. bcfum the damage preventron needs ot our

CGA rs a contrnuatron ot that ongrnal they are pobhshed, she .ard members," she sard.

C"‘"‘"“"‘ C"'“‘“d 5‘““13’’“ “‘’"”°’““"‘ Be ond develo rn consensn. around when asked aboutthele ac r ~lm’d
burlttromthegroondnp ailh d —" V P 5 ’ ‘ ’ ‘ 5 ’

amage pxc\ entron be.t practrces, hke to leave behrnd, sarah demurred,
parncrpatrng stakeholder groups that
outreach rs a mayor goal ot the porntrng the fucu~ back on the

°"‘"‘“ '°t‘“‘l‘°' ‘° '°"“‘“' 5°" P‘“°“°“‘ or anrzatron 'lm:IIlarlv ln shann or 1mz'lllon rtselt

““d '°"“ ‘° ”‘° ‘“"”“ °‘ “‘“"‘“3‘‘ tlxflm orl1rlc?of calhn ' 811} llortso S‘ K l l

preventron P ‘ g _ hp "My goal rs to ensure that CCA rs

any drggrng zlctlvlty acro.s t e country. _ K V
,, . \ . posrtroned to provrde kl1L rndustry
CCA bncamu the fink lnduatxy CCA provldu rcwoumna to local
_ _ wrth the tool. and re.onrce. needed to
as.oc.atron to bnng together governments, rndnstry groups and one
en.ure that those who are on the ,ob
proponents, opponents and rndustrv call center. to help them get the word Mm go mm M mm M [hm fflmllm
competrtor. who had one common out to the pubhc about the rmportancc t t
that the commumtres they work ln are
vr.ron and one common goal—lo to call betore you dlg. We and that mum under mm
achreve zero dc1mc1gL‘~,"Saral1 .a.d. ~ 1lt1 * t 5
Ercavatrons mqulnng a call to a rntrastructure r. protected.
contrnue. to be the preemrnent damage
stateba.ed one call center could , ,
preventron assocratron dedrcated to mdudc wlmhlng from a mm” "It s not about my legacy, rt s about the
preventrng damage through the shared mmmm mghway mm or “mung 3 people and orgamzatron. who toster an
re.pon.rbrhty of our members " _k envrronment ot teohnologrcal advances,
. y.craper to somethrng as .eemrngly
creatrve thrnkrng and take concrete
sarah .ard CGA provrdes an optrmal bentgn as a homeowner plantrng a tree
_ _ acuons to move the damage reventron
torum where stakeholders can .hare or replacrng a mallbox post. lncreasrng ,,
proce.s torward, she .a.d.
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