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Generation of D amage P reventionm
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he damage prevention
industry is constantly evening
and trying to find new
ways to mducs nne smkes.

Safety meenngs, damage pmvenliun

eonneus, mazktstmg and onneaen

imliauves, slaI2«of-the-an excavation

eqnapmem, loeanng aeennologaes,

and eyen1eg.s1anon changes have

always been Lhe tunls of choice to

reduce damages to the nanan's

undergmund mfraatructuzz

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mane smau percentage pomn at a ~' _ 

nme. Everyone has been ssanzhing :- Rig /

for the silver bullet to drastically F)’ ’ »- \ 1' /

reduce damage mes, and finally I \ _ ,

the .ndn.-ny has a tool wnh pnwen nee ‘ . «. ' , ._ - ‘

results thalcan do yusllhat. f. - \~ » ~,: ' .

Prediclive Analynes has created quite a - ' - '

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ns baseban teams trying to find the ‘J 3 , is ‘he hm
perfect minor-league! to m min Lhexr 5 I . V . 0 cm can
ayatzm, or a large retailer eusenvenng ‘. __ _, 1 "- mm in thg
the best way to mazket to men lazgsl h. h _ . I I’ _ . mm,“ to age, A
cu~'tum2r— anaxyaes .s everywhere, ‘is N - - ,, mdhhw W, ha
and it's bemg used by most sneeessful ‘Wk ' ,0 pm. .h hhh ca >16 .
com amss amass Lhs Iobe. ““‘“°' 1‘ P 5' ’ P‘ U‘

P E W know where Membees can expect not

Texassn pmeessed ever 3.4 m|ll1on damages are mas: lxkzly P15” wk M019 f!°m,T°><fl~3,11: W a
nekens m 2013. Tha|’~ qune a bu of lo octur, addmonal resources can ‘"11-flzdsfd Pfir‘I\eY»~'hIPt1W|I"c'u_de5
dam when you consider an of me be allocated to (111132 uekecs in order We °Vfl‘U_fil|DI-V Pfifcm c°n~'ultntwna
infnnnatlun eapnned on each uckzl to prevent Lhal damage fmm eve! Emmor m"=W{=n"°": and a==°»~'~' 1°
In fact, Texa.-an nan.-es nnne ~'tale- occurring. Smdms snow that just a 0“! award-wmmns damage prevenuon
speezne one.eau data than anyone else call or nleclmmc notice to alen the Program

in the nation, and ms now being put to excavator of the xngn nsk 1~' enangn tn Ch,mm,y, _,,.m E, ,h2 XDR Wham M,
good nee. In ZlJ18,T2><.1~'8l1 partnered influsnte Lnem mlo nakmg addxlinnal Wing , 30% ,Ed_,chm h, dahflgesy
with Opvantuk - a eampany that prrxauuuns. Alnng with providing yea, We, ym whh the [hm hm
speezanzes |n mlsguty management the risk store, we have an.-o built of damage; Shymdmihgy and whh
sanwaee and now predldive analyues an intervention program that can ,h,3 ,ph,hgh. oh the hmhlm, [0

Wm. Ihcir Optimum am: pmgmm Out provide those can outs and electronic mhme damage, and mm h We,
T£xa,sBl1 Customized solnnons group nonneanons tu me exeayam on a Em,,m,,mEh, ,9, the Public’ he. so

has been wnrkmg with Opvanlek aver member's benau we also partnered ,mPmhh. how ,,,o,,3 hhhh M, ma‘
:2:2::::.¥:::a::;;:",;::fe::‘:a m:::;;:f:3aZ“$:i:af:::;:?ae we-3
Ionl.OncIhatmembznvalunble targetedDulreachtuhighlwk :;::::,?:;;::;:;",;:;a,m.:?:"*°*
insight mm the nsk mvulved wnh their exeayanns Pazucipnting member's risk Wm when mhmqhshm. can he so
one-call uckels. reports anu be evaluated regularly in chm,,,hph,( W. up h, ah of H, to l,h,_h
Cmehhyl the dam ,_how,. ME, 50% DE order I;-dent-fy whem outreach can be forward Inwazd me next genemnon of
an damages occuron the top 10%-15% "‘°°‘° ‘°“"*' damage P‘?V?““°“ .

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