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submission format. Member Mapping Submissions are accepted through the Texas811 website enabling users’ access to the latest forms and disclosures as they become available. These forms are used to track member updates and confirm changes to ensure a member’s assets are adequately protected. The most critical aspect of the submission process is member confirmation. Texas811 GIS staff sends confirmation files back to the member and requests a review of the update. This confirmation ensures that the update is error-free prior to posting the data to the live system.
The next evolution of Member Mapping Submission will come through the Service Area Editor (SAE). This interface allows users access to their mapping for viewing and editing and is directly linked to the Texas811 system. Users of this new system will no longer need to submit copies of their
data via email. They will have the opportunity to make changes or upload data via one interface. In addition to
the functionality currently available to users through MSAM, users will be able to submit a full replacement of their service area. As always, data
will be reviewed by Texas811 staff and published on the existing bi-weekly schedule.
Texas811 staff is available to support members throughout the update process. The team is working on new member training opportunities in the coming months in preparation for the annual Damage Prevention Summit. Seminars and documentation are being developed to provide members with clear guidance, whether they have never used GIS, or are experienced users with in-house GIS capabilities and staff.
If you have questions on the submission process or need to reach the GIS Team, contact us at
Image Service Layer Credits: © OpenStreetMap (and) contributors, CC-BY-SA.
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