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Chris Stovall
I have to confess, if you had asked me last year, would we still be in the midst of a pandemic and all that comes with that a year later, I would have guessed no. One thing I did know, and it still holds true today is that our industry is resilient. Our industry has not only remained active, but we have also remained committed to damage prevention and public safety. That is
one thing that is not up for debate. It is one of the great things about our industry and the stakeholders involved, we all agree on the importance of preventing damage and keeping people safe. We are aligned on that goal, and that alignment makes for great working relationships. We also tend to agree that while
we are making a great positive impact, there is still work to do for all of us. The goals
we strive for are perfection, zero damages and zero waste. There will always be room
for growth. We continue to make progress towards these goals and are thankful for the members of Texas811 that we work alongside every day in this endeavor. Together we have accomplished quite a lot. It is because of this previous work, that we hold onto hope for the future. We hope you enjoy this issue of the magazine. Thank you for reading.
Chris Stovall
President and CEO
2021, Issue 2
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