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By Ketha Molina
Texas811 Damage Prevention Manager
The Texas Statewide Damage Data Ratio to date is: 6.31%
Why is that important? As a
Damage Prevention Manager for Texas811, it is my job to know this.
My boss expects me to understand
the data, work the data, and apply
the information to do our part in protecting underground infrastructure and keeping the worker safe. As an employee, my initiatives must always align with departmental and company goals. Am I always in 100% agreement? No, but Texas811 hired me to do a job and my competence and ability to work within a team ensures that I meet the requirements of the position. Working within our small team of peers, I have the freedom of independent thought and am encouraged by my Director
to apply my entrepreneurial spirit
for the betterment of our team. Was
this freedom to excel beyond the job description always allowed during the early days of my career in construction safety? No, but because over the years I applied the principles that we encourage in Leading Women of Damage Prevention (LWDP), it brought me to the place that I am today. Our mission at LWDP is “To influence and encourage all women in the damage prevention industry to be bold, confident and brilliant through collaboration, empowerment and networking” and give them the tools to advance up the career ladder without having to sacrifice their individuality.
I take great pride in saying I’m aligned with Texas811 goals and working within our team without compromising the characteristics that make me unique and genuine. Genuine. That’s an interesting word. In the past, I was always under the impression that if I were going to make it in the construction world that
I had to be more like a man. Yes, I
drove a truck, I could operate heavy equipment, could talk sports, cuss like
a sailor, and even avoided wearing makeup and fashionable clothing to
fit in. How was that helping me work in the industry beyond them liking
me? It wasn’t, and unfortunately since makeup and lipstick were part of my personality that kept me more genuine to myself, I had to sacrifice a part of my individuality in doing so. In retrospect, the workers didn’t care about how much I knew about construction
safety, my job, and they wouldn’t have cared if I kept my individuality; they watched to see how much I cared
about them and the actual job that
they do. I had made it a point to spend plenty of time in the field getting my hands dirty to truly experience the challenges that our employees faced while conducting the work. Hands-on experience and speaking with them with a true understanding of their
lingo helps project credibility to your co-workers. So, I earned my credibility and was accepted as one of the guys, but that’s just one component of being
a true construction safety professional.
I had to make a few changes if I were
to earn my seat at the table with the management team. I had no mentor; it was up to me to improve my business acumen so I sought out information beyond the basics of how our company operated to understand the services
that it provided to our customers. This in turn improved the quality of service that I provided to our employees, my customers. My point is that if you
only know how to do your job without learning how it fits into the overall operation and success of the company, you’ll only ever be qualified to do
what you are doing today. And you can achieve this without compromising your individuality, what makes you genuine.
In an earlier issue of Texas811 magazine, I shared my top three lessons learned from life experience which led me to form the Leading Women of Damage Prevention. These three life lessons bear repeating:
1) You must learn the business in which you are working.
2) Don’t self-reject. You are good enough to advance, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
3) Invest in You. The investing in your education, building your support system, and seeking opportunity to engage in the part of the business where you want to advance, the better equipped you will be to take on a formal or informal leadership role.
“Be Bold. Be Confident. Be Brilliant.” is the core concept of the Leading Women of Damage Prevention. Regardless of whatever job you are doing right now, consider this slogan as you go about your daily duties, and you’ll have the encouragement to seek out the job that ultimately is both personally and professionally fulfilling and which success depends on your unique talents.
In closing, I am so happy you have decided to be part of The Leading Women of Damage Prevention. Would you share your three life lessons and career changing experiences with us! Engage us on LinkedIn and Facebook. Don’t forget.... Be Bold. Be Confident. Be Brilliant.
Ketha Molina is the President of Leading Women of Damage Prevention and Treasurer, Damage Prevention Council of Texas
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