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Chris Stovall
The 2nd quarter this year has been a record quarter for excavation activity in Texas. April Locate Request volume was up 20% over last year and May was up 12%. These are great signs for our economy in Texas and all signals are pointing to a strong finish to the year. As our ticket volume grows, so do our online services. Nearly 80% of all locate requests are now being handling online through our web portal. As you have now heard many times, we are aiming for a state of zero damages and zero waste. Through some technology efforts at the beginning
of this year, we were able to change the way work areas are mapped which resulted in saving our members time and money. Close to $24 million dollars of waste will be eliminated this year
which will allow stakeholders to focus on the important job of damage prevention. We have been working hard alongside our members with targeted damage prevention efforts and have seen tremendous progress. Every month this year when compared to the same month last year is showing a lower damage ratio! It’s a great feeling to see all the hard work pay off.
Keeping our Texas infrastructure protected and our communities safe is why we do what we do. We hope you enjoy this issue of our magazine and find it a useful tool in your own damage prevention efforts.
Chris Stovall
President and CEO
2021, Issue 3
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