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coumum mam pass 1.5 . Explain items that the compliance conierenre will be postponed until
, I oiiicer does not understand or the Compliance oihrer discusses the

reastm fur the i{i»~'it- Ask what lvhsite inisinterprets, but do not argue. inspection with his /her superiors.
records the oiiicer wants to review

DEie,,,.;,,.3 Wm}, wmkm mi cumpflny - The Cnmpllance oihcer wlll Elnployels nights Fnllnwing an OSHA
oihcials the oihrer wants to interview. Probably take notes, Phnlosr vxdeus, lnspechmi

and measurements. Yuu should do the .

' If you have any tease" tii S“»~‘Pe=t same ln fact it is a good idea fur you "'7"’."'”" "'“"’."3‘ ‘ E"‘i"°Y“" l‘.“"“
that the Cumplinhte Officer is wt to lake rnultiple pictures or videos irom ‘h’: “E” “’ 3“ "“"”"“ ‘“"‘“g ""“"
19S“i"i‘3}9r eh“ Y°“’ OSHA Ame ‘"503 the same and diiierent angles. 'h‘ 95'“ AT“ .D"“"" ‘°“°“"“5
and veniy his/her credentials receipt ui a citation and pmposed

-D I'tl1C 1‘ Offi lt-.Thlldlt-,
 as.:.::.a:...:.r,:l".t:;:r::....:%' ::;':.;::i....::.:5:.::,::;::.
that your company's Peliey reshmiiiis Provide only those docuinents «he rzquiremantslcan be discussed. The
QSHA imvectiens requires ihét YD" oiiicer specifically requests. And inalre OSHA Area Director has the authority
immediately etmthet ywr mam eifiee- a phulocopy of each document hetore to enter min a settlement agreement
YD“! company's safety direct” D! «iirriing «hem over that could revise the citation and/or
cwreiihatvr may want tn be Present penalty. in inost cases the OSHA Area
during the impeciioh. in whieh case YD“ ' M“? “ “°‘ °‘ '"“i"°Y*.°" ‘he Director will show the cumpnny the
may request that the Dfficer wait until C°"‘P“‘““° 03"“ "“""‘“"' evidence including pictures or videos
*'°/5*“ ""“’°" - As a show of good iaith, Reviewing the evidence may help

. it .5? OSHA Cun\plifl“(E mm, has iminediately shut down machinery or the company inake a more iniurrnzd
a wmam D, ,,.,.,s.,. upon p,.,md,,.g equipment that «he oiiicer says does decision regarding settlement of «he
with the inspection lieiore your satety not ineet OSHA standards. case.
°“'““"'/ ““°'““"“‘°’ “’"‘’‘°' 3'“ Closing Conference lniorrnal hearings may result in revised
shwlel accompany the offieer Do hut citations and reduced penalties.
allow the oiiicer to tour your iohsite by in inost cases, once «he inspection is Humm mmdw and “films
}‘““"“‘”"“"“" °“‘1'1‘§’1‘fi“’:d'l:}‘.“ fCg;“i_’.“‘“C“° Offfim’ should clearly understand that if they

. Amwe, an qm,,.,,.,. t!u‘hfuny’ gm Ugh; $1 mi:i;£im2e:“:;:';<e- agree to settle the case, they torteit
but do not volunteer any lninrmatlon. vmlaum mm on You ihmld like the right tn ctmtest the citatiqh em}
Avoid making statements that inight he mm“ mm mymgt yDu’Can “mm Preposeei l>enaliy- The vmlathmlvvill
“"“‘"““‘ "5 ““ “‘"“‘**“°" “‘ 5"“? am‘ your safety director or coozdinalnr “ls” 5° "lama °“ “'2 ‘°“"“‘°’ "

4“ ““‘ 5P’=°“‘‘“* 3* ‘° “°"" 3" ‘“““*“‘ cf the results. occasionally a closing coNnNt/ED old me 13
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