Page 19 - Texas811 Magazine 2018 Issue 1
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' ' ' ' one or the grcalc~[ slrlglu C]\;1"L‘hgL‘~(()>I|fL‘ plpcllnc
what to do -f a P-pel-ne us ,.
Damaged or msturbed    
:ml~[nl:[I0rl and malntclmrlcc Before Vnu dlg or cxtzlvalc,
Fvm M 3/0" mm W1maPl>vM~t<>bcml1>'m"mr dmnflgc contact thc Drlu—C:lIl Center bv qmplyllmlmg 2411 [mm
‘” "‘" P‘P"“"*" ““"‘““"“"3’ “"“‘Y W P‘P"“"° ‘“‘“P““>’ zlrlywhcrc m the Umtcd smei Fk~a~u call before Vnu
A gwgnv ~cr-wt» dc-H Hr mm to W WP" Hr manna W)’ mm vmlr pmlcct, whulhcr lalldatzlplng, bullmngkenee.
call~c a future rupture or leak. II n crltltal mm a cut or M pmwnung a mew mn~mmm mm ,,‘PL_hm_
b‘“‘“"‘ “M” W"" N‘ “‘P"“"“ “ “ ‘“‘P°“““° “W “W :mnp:lrlIc~ and other nulme~ will mark the Iuczltlorl of
Plvvllnv mvr-Cr m~l><‘ct~ and r<‘l>mr~ any dmnflgc 10 111“ lhclr lme~ at no (u~t to you Plpcllrlc and utllnv marker.
‘W “Y m‘<“°d °l>Pm"'~» MW *m°> “M 1”“ “‘*l"""lS m.wrlol~l1ol.vthc exact locallon of the med imp When
dzlnlagca m be ruportud to the Xaclllty uwncr nrld/ or me m;wW"g um Plpuhm mm, mmpmm M" mqmm
Dnwfinll center by duh-lg 811- Do not ntwmv‘ In mm mm they lme .1 plpcllhc 'enn.p;my rcpm.~«L'l1tall\'L~ emne to
W ‘"P“"‘ ‘" “W ‘"‘" l’‘’“‘‘"‘‘ ‘‘ “ '"‘" “ “‘P“‘“‘d "‘ lmpeel and pmtcct thc underground plpcllhl‘ Fallurc to
'°ak"'s H“ 9“ (‘Wm "W Plvdw <“ml>l">’ fl> =l“'<“v ml]! an buforc em zltlun n me luzldlng caIl~c m dmge.
->~ P“‘>‘b‘"» Flpvlmv mark” ~Ilw~ >hm\’ ‘he Plvcllm‘ m burlcd plpellne. one slmplc ml! can help keep you em
c()mpany’x namn‘, Cnlcrgcllcy tclcphullc number and mmmk my COWWED ON ME 13
wpdm mmcw ma Vssuul Tcmsllll . 17

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